Marble Bomber Jackets

I've had this marble effect bomber jacket for a few months now but only worn it a few occasions as quite daring patterns I find a little harder to pair with my outfits. 
I found this piece on the Boohoo website and instantly fell in love with the colour's and seeing as I don't own a lot of patterned pieces I thought this would be a great addition to my wardrobe.
I've paired up my bomber jacket with a deep V button shirt from Topshop, which is made from a gorgeous silk like material and sits beautifully, a little oversized but not too baggy.
The peachy colour also matches up nicely with the colours in my bomber jacket and therefore compliment each other very, very well!
I've then paired up my black Joni's (classic!) from Topshop and a black pair of laced up sandals from Primark, another pair of Primark shoes that are absolute steals! I can't express how excited and impressed I am with Primark's shoe collection recently, I've always spotted a gem when ever I visit the Brighton store and find myself walking away with a new set for my collection.

Jacket- Boohoo      Shirt- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop (Joni)          Shoes- Primark 


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