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Pleated Blouses

I have found the most adorable pleated blouse in a daring bright white colour from H&M, which cost me just under £10! Absolute bargain! This is really out of my comfort zone in terms of how big the cuffs were on the sleeves as I'm not usually one to go for big ruffles or pleats but I thought why not give it a go? Unfortunately the top itself is a little see through due to the material being quite thin so as long as you have a vest top underneath or a nude bra we're all good here. I thought I'd pair up a pair of cut off jeans in the form of my Dree's from Topshop as I didn't want to do a monochrome theme with my usual black Joni's. This just added a very casual flair throughout my outfit as the blouse itself is very over the top and screams for the spotlight!   On my feet are my New Look black boots with a slight heel just to extend the illusion that I have longer legs than I actually do... Finally, I went for a bit of lippy and applied a classic Mac in the colour…

Mustard Jumpers

I realized whilst editing these photo's that I was still sporting my black eye that I got from an audition as someone's elbow collided with my eye socket. Oops! So, sorry it's not the most attractive bunch of photo's you'll find on a blog. For this outfit of the day I dug out an old classic of my wardrobe in the form of my H&M knitted jumper in a gorgeous mustard shade of colour. I usually have to be quite careful with yellow palettes as they often clash horrifically with my hair colour, so finding a shade that isn't an eye sore is really refreshing. I wore my faded black/dark grey Jamie jeans from Topshop, which are becoming probably one, if not my favourite pair of jeans. I like that they're mid rise, which means I can still eat a big meal without them cutting into my stomach and they're still flattering on my bum! On my feet are my red Primark beauties that I'm now very paranoid to wear out and about as I don't want them to scuff, sounds sil…

Old School Topshop

This whole outfit consists of brand new and old school Topshop, a little bit of a mix and blend! The colour's of my shirt and coat really complimented each other, which is why I thought they would pair up together perfectly during the Autumn season. I'm slowly dragging out my coats from the closet and throwing them on as I seem to always be cold at the moment? I thought the colour of this coat would work so, so well with most of my outfits as it's a deep burgundy, a colour which compliments pretty much all the neutral colour's and adds that little bit of colour I always crave. My shirt is a gorgeous silk material and is featured in my previous post, so it pretty much hasn't left my side.. I'm not really a V neckline person (if that even makes sense?) I prefer scoop or crew necks personally so for me this was quite a big move. Although, I'm slowly coming round to the idea of button down shirts being unbuttoned a bit too low, but not low enough to flash to the wor…

Marble Bomber Jackets

I've had this marble effect bomber jacket for a few months now but only worn it a few occasions as quite daring patterns I find a little harder to pair with my outfits.  I found this piece on the Boohoo website and instantly fell in love with the colour's and seeing as I don't own a lot of patterned pieces I thought this would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I've paired up my bomber jacket with a deep V button shirt from Topshop, which is made from a gorgeous silk like material and sits beautifully, a little oversized but not too baggy. The peachy colour also matches up nicely with the colours in my bomber jacket and therefore compliment each other very, very well! I've then paired up my black Joni's (classic!) from Topshop and a black pair of laced up sandals from Primark, another pair of Primark shoes that are absolute steals! I can't express how excited and impressed I am with Primark's shoe collection recently, I've always spotted a gem when eve…

Braving The Bare Legged

Still embracing the last of the slightly warmer weather by whacking my legs out in every opportunity with my outfits. I feel like they need to soak up as much vitamin C as possible before being wrapped away for the colder months ahead! Apparently we're also due snow at some point.. gulp! My outfit consists of my black pleather skirt from Primark that I've chose to wear a fair few times recently as a leather look piece is always key to add a little edge to an outfit, whether that's a formal look or casual. I then tucked in my Boohoo body-con dress (yes, I've worn a dress underneath a skirt!) to create a 60's vibe, with added turtle neck and half cut sleeves. I love the colour's of this dress, which is why I decided to wear it as a top as it just screams Autumnal! I've then thrown over my New Look bomber jacket in a suedette material and a gorgeous camel colour, lovely a neutral to compliment my dress colour's. On my feet are my trusty black cut out boots, ag…