.. The Worst Blogger

I've taken it upon myself to crown me the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. Why? Because I am absolutely useless at keeping my constant blogging streak going and keep on slipping off the face of Louulia and my social media, leaving no fresh content or any signs of life.
Nag. Over.
All I can really say is I'm definitely working on my commitment to my blog and that I want to keep my readers engaged as much as possible with new and exciting posts. Therefore, I am truly sorry for my lack of content recently.
Moving on- my outfit of the day post highlights my first ever vintage purchase from Beyond Retro, which is this chunky, oversized denim jacket, which I am absolutely obsessed with!
I've been dreaming about buying a vintage jacket for so, so long now and finally took the plunge after a visit to Brighton a few weeks back. This bad boy cost me £28 and is certainly worth every penny!
I love the tired, worn look it oozes and the fact that it's actually tailored for a males figure, meaning I get an over exaggerated boxy finish.
I have my Joni jeans on from Topshop as well as a cross over striped body, again Topshop. Stripes and denim are of course a match made in heaven and are paired up so, so easily.
On my feet are my Primark peep toe shoes in a tan, faux suede material. I've been collecting quite a few pairs of shoes from Primark recently that are becoming some of my favourite pieces to my wardrobe. 
They really do have a every-shoe-girls-dream selection at the moment!

Jacket- Beyond Retro          Jeans- Topshop (Joni)        Body- Topshop      Shoes- Primark


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