TellMee Jewellery

I was approached by a Belgian jewellery company called TellMee who were kind enough to let me choose a couple of their pieces from their website and share with you lovely lot on my blog.
Unlike a lot of jewellery brands you find online these days, TellMee is a very original brand that offers unique, geometric and abstract designs to their pieces.
Jewellery these days is very similarly themed with either very chunky pieces with engraved designs or dainty chains with pendants and charms, yet I feel TellMee offers something a little different to the market and have pushed the boat out a little to move away from the much loved jewellery designs that are on our high streets.
The pieces themselves are very light weight and are statement pieces that draw in the eye without being too much, which makes them very versatile with outfit choices and can be the all the accessorizing you need to add a spark to a simple look.
Their website is very simplistic and allows you to move around with just a few clicks, rather than getting into a muddle. They also display their products beautifully with very elegant pictures of models and the jewellery, allowing you to get a really good peak at what you're about to purchase.
As a not very well known brand I feel that TellMee have a very strong collection that may not be everyone's cup of tea, yet can be appreciated for the craft and beauty that goes into every individual piece.


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