Indian Summer?

As we approach the middle of September the last thing I ever expected was to be sweltering in the sunshine and soaking up the extra UV rays we've been blessed with thanks to this Indian Summer. It's very odd but so so lovely to be able to spend more time outside rather than avoiding the down poor's all the time!
Therefore, I thought I should make the most of being able to get my legs and arms out whilst it's still warm enough and see if I can get a little bronzed colour before Autumn hits, which is still my favourite Season of all time!
I'm wearing my Primark suedette a-line skirt with a gold zip detailing up the front and pockets either side, can't go wrong with a garment that has pockets.
My t-shirt is an old Topshop jersey one that is just you're bog standard blue and white striped, pretty much a t-shirt that is your go to t-shirt.
On my feet are my Converse, comfort always over all's anything for me! Finally, I have my Primark Aviator sunglasses on, just to complete the whole look.

Skirt- Primark         T-Shirt- Topshop        Shoes- Converse       Sunglasses- Primark


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