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Autumn Vibes

I'm literally weeing with excitement at the thought of Autumn fast approaching, it's my all time favourite season! I can't wait for cosy nights with an obsessive amount of candles, layers of blankets and endless hours of Netflix whilst munching on take-out. Then of course there's all the gorgeous colours of Autumn outside, the warming sunsets and the slightly bitter wind, which is just cold enough to layer up but not freeze your butt off. My first Autumnal outfit consists of my suedette Primark skirt, which is a key piece for me this season as it will work perfectly with bare legs as well as tights and boots. I paired up my black turtle neck top that has was featured in my previous post and is from H&M, another perfect key piece that will be easy to pair with jeans, skirts and dresses. I then threw over my Beyond Retro vintage denim jacket that will be popping up frequently on my blog as you can't go wrong with a denim piece. Lastly, on my feet are my Converse that a…

Moody With A Hint Of Rock

Oohh.. fluffy hair alert! I remember this day being a little windy and rainy when trying to do my posey photo's for my blog, hence the messy, fluffy hair going on. This is quite a dark, rocky look for me but one I certainly loved playing around with. Black is one of those colour's that you can wear all year round, no matter what anyone says.  It's also a super versatile colour to dress up and I love the different looks it can achieve, including a slightly grungy finish. I wore my black, ribbed high neck top from H&M that is part of their essentials collection and cost something around the £7.99 mark? Therefore, a perfect simple piece for your wardrobe that can be paired up endless times. I then have my Mom jeans on from Topshop in a dark wash that I've been obsessed with recently. Since finishing tour, I had lost a little weight from running around, singing and dancing for hours each day that my Mom jeans, which were once a little tight on the waist now fit me perfectl…

Indian Summer?

As we approach the middle of September the last thing I ever expected was to be sweltering in the sunshine and soaking up the extra UV rays we've been blessed with thanks to this Indian Summer. It's very odd but so so lovely to be able to spend more time outside rather than avoiding the down poor's all the time! Therefore, I thought I should make the most of being able to get my legs and arms out whilst it's still warm enough and see if I can get a little bronzed colour before Autumn hits, which is still my favourite Season of all time! I'm wearing my Primark suedette a-line skirt with a gold zip detailing up the front and pockets either side, can't go wrong with a garment that has pockets. My t-shirt is an old Topshop jersey one that is just you're bog standard blue and white striped, pretty much a t-shirt that is your go to t-shirt. On my feet are my Converse, comfort always over all's anything for me! Finally, I have my Primark Aviator sunglasses on, jus…

.. The Worst Blogger

I've taken it upon myself to crown me the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. Why? Because I am absolutely useless at keeping my constant blogging streak going and keep on slipping off the face of Louulia and my social media, leaving no fresh content or any signs of life. Nag. Over. All I can really say is I'm definitely working on my commitment to my blog and that I want to keep my readers engaged as much as possible with new and exciting posts. Therefore, I am truly sorry for my lack of content recently. Moving on- my outfit of the day post highlights my first ever vintage purchase from Beyond Retro, which is this chunky, oversized denim jacket, which I am absolutely obsessed with! I've been dreaming about buying a vintage jacket for so, so long now and finally took the plunge after a visit to Brighton a few weeks back. This bad boy cost me £28 and is certainly worth every penny! I love the tired, worn look it oozes and the fact that it's actually tailored for a mal…

TellMee Jewellery

I was approached by a Belgian jewellery company called TellMee who were kind enough to let me choose a couple of their pieces from their website and share with you lovely lot on my blog. Unlike a lot of jewellery brands you find online these days, TellMee is a very original brand that offers unique, geometric and abstract designs to their pieces. Jewellery these days is very similarly themed with either very chunky pieces with engraved designs or dainty chains with pendants and charms, yet I feel TellMee offers something a little different to the market and have pushed the boat out a little to move away from the much loved jewellery designs that are on our high streets. The pieces themselves are very light weight and are statement pieces that draw in the eye without being too much, which makes them very versatile with outfit choices and can be the all the accessorizing you need to add a spark to a simple look. Their website is very simplistic and allows you to move around with just a few …