Modern Day Dorothy

I felt that this overall look was very smart with almost a city vibe edge to it, but I so desperately wanted to show off my new shoes that I've had many compliments on and are so so proud of, seeing as they were such a beautiful bargain.
So, let's begin with the shoes! They are in fact a Primark purchase and yet still remain to be one of the best high street purchases I have ever splurged out on to date. They're unbelievably comfy, stylish and are versatile with so many different outfit choices.
They also remind me of Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz, the ruby red slippers! Obviously they're very different style wise, but the colour's pretty spot on.. and unfortunately when I clip my heels together they don't transport me home. Hence the title of this post.. 'Modern Day Dorothy!'.
I've then paired up my Forever 21 cigarette trousers in a dark grey that are another statement piece in my wardrobe that are always shocking people who ask where they're from, as they do look a little pricier.
I've then worn my All Saints, boxy cropped white t-shirt that takes off the crisp, formal look to add a subtle edge of casual, but still overall keeping very smart, well for me anyway.
I've of course chosen to wear my Primark John Lennon style sunglasses that have seemed to pop up in pretty much every post I've written this month!

T-shirt- All Saints       Trousers- Forever 21        Shoes- Primark


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