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James Viana London

So, let's talk about those smaller known brands that produce the most beautiful, delicate pieces that we can get our hands on. I've just been introduced to several new jewelry brands, including James Viana London who are a small company that produce the most timeless pieces for your collection. I managed to get my hands on a pair of their sterling silver hoop style earrings that hold two of the most glitzy, glamorous Amethyst stones you can find. My ears have never looked so sparkly! I've also learnt that James Viana London are dedicated to ensuring that 10% of their profits go towards charities that support causes for women across the world, which makes them even more desirable as a brand that you would be happy to spend a bit of money with.
Their products are also made using the purest sterling silver (which is .925.. meaning it's made to last!) and all of their gemstones used are all hand mined and crafted into the tiniest, most delicate pieces.  Although the product c…

Modern Day Dorothy

I felt that this overall look was very smart with almost a city vibe edge to it, but I so desperately wanted to show off my new shoes that I've had many compliments on and are so so proud of, seeing as they were such a beautiful bargain. So, let's begin with the shoes! They are in fact a Primark purchase and yet still remain to be one of the best high street purchases I have ever splurged out on to date. They're unbelievably comfy, stylish and are versatile with so many different outfit choices. They also remind me of Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz, the ruby red slippers! Obviously they're very different style wise, but the colour's pretty spot on.. and unfortunately when I clip my heels together they don't transport me home. Hence the title of this post.. 'Modern Day Dorothy!'. I've then paired up my Forever 21 cigarette trousers in a dark grey that are another statement piece in my wardrobe that are always shocking people who ask where they&…

Floral's & Shorts

This is the first time this year that I've been able to wear little denim shorts in this country and not be freezing my butt off! A real rarity for Brit's such as myself.. My dark denim shorts are Topshop's high waisted MOM shorts that are a classic Summer piece for my wardrobe. I feel that a pair of denim shorts are such a must have as they're so, so easy to pair up with anything and everything in the Summer months. Plus you can wear them to pretty much any casual occasion, whether that's the beach, park or town. I decided to cover up a little just in case the weather did decide to do a 360 and completely turn into something miserable and cold. I wore my Primark vintage floral style shirt, which I bought in a couple of sizes up so that I could create that slouchy, oversized look that I crave in most of my clothing choices. On my feet are my trusty and never removed from my feet black cut out boots from Newlook. Lastly, I have my Aviator style sunglasses from Primark, wh…

Yellow Pants

Okay, so I'm not American but yellow trousers just sounds a little blander compared to pants that just feel like it has a bit more of a punch.. no? Anyway, outfit of the day! This one consists of my big, bold yellow trousers (blaaaa) that are a beautiful cigarette fit, meaning they hug in all the right places and are loose in the not so right places. I love a straight leg on trousers as it means they look slightly oversized and can be so alternative for occasions and styling.  This particular pair are from ASOS and where around £10 a couple of sales back, which is why they went straight into my online basket without a second thought. A bold colour is so perfect for an outfit build as you can focus all of your attention around one factor and then build with it and especially if the colour is versatile such as yellow as many prints and colour's compliment it well. My t-shirt is from Primark and I am obsessed! I've worn this non stop and I mean non stop! It's perfect to throw…

Major Boho Vibes

Bit of a boho vibe explosion for today's look with lots of pattern, lace, dungaree's and a pair of little black boots. Plus, the beachy waves in my hair were just the cherry on top for this overall very carefree casual outfit. My blouse is from H&M and is part of their Coachella range, which was released earlier this year and I've featured on my blog previously. I love the dark mixture of floral print and the slight 60's appeal, which really makes the garment unique and such a statement piece. I've decided to pair my blouse with my Boohoo short style dungaree's that are too perfect for layering up whatever the season. As it wasn't the warmest of day's I stilled try to pull of a Summery look without being too daring and end up freezing whilst wondering around outside. For some reason.. I bared the legs, can't say it was one of my brightest idea's but there was no way in August that I would be wearing tights. On my feet are of course my trusty Newlo…

Ruffles and Pleats

Bit of texture going on in this outfit of the day! I've got a bit of pleating, layering and ruffles. I'm really loving baby blue colours in clothing at the moment as it's a very fresh, cooling and soft colour to embrace over the Summer, plus it's super versatile to pair up with other colours. This gorgeous baby blue cold shoulder top is from Boohoo and is made from a very light cotton material that reminds me of the same fabric school shirts used to be made from. It's so refreshing having a selection of tops that have their own unique detailing going on so that you can pair them up with the simplest of things such as a pair of jeans and they make their own impact. I'm not one for ruffles and lots of frills but I adore this top as it's not too overboard and after seeing a fellow blogger on Instagram style this exact item I couldn't help but splash out on my very own one. On bottom are my monochrome striped, pleated trousers from Topshop that are of course com…

Nautical Playsuits

When splurging out on Boohoo just before jetting off to Florida I stumbled across a couple of gems that I just couldn't scroll past. One of those pieces included this adorable pale blue and white striped playsuit that just screams nautical! I loved it on the model and I love it in person.  It also has the simplest detailing ever with a dainty rope tie that pulls in the waist and can be adjusted for a more fitting shape. The cut also means that it sits just below the shoulders, which isn't usually a style I opt for as I feel it creates a weird silhouette on my chest and boobs. However, I think because it's an all in one it doesn't float out too much and make me look like I have odd angles here and there. The fabrics a light, airy linen, which is obviously perfect for Summer weather and then layering up with a leather or denim jacket later on in the year or a cooler evening. I paired up my playsuit with my chunky white trainers from Newlook, which are looking tattier and tatt…