Innocent Unplugged

I wanted to write up a little post about last weekend where I spent the weekend with two buds and a tent with Innocent Unplugged at a secret location in Kent, somewhere deep in the woods. 
I'm not really a festival goer, not keen on the crazy crowded atmosphere or the whole camping situation (which was why a weekend was more than enough!) but I was convinced to come along to this smaller, top secret local event.
This was certainly my cup of tea, with almost a hippy vibe throughout the festival it was super chilled, relaxed and an extremely peaceful place to be with a couple of pals.
The main theme of the Innocent Unplugged festival is that they discourage you bringing your phones as we all know the anti-social'ness that social media has trapped us in with us constantly checking Facebook, Twitter or Snapchatting every face-swap opportunity that we can get our hands on. 
To avoid all temptation I left my phone, switched off and at home, which was one of the weirdest yet most rewarding feelings ever no matter how lame that sounds. I don't think we realize how much we rely on our phones for simple things such as checking the time, or Googling something in seconds. We spend so much time on our phones so for once it was so nice not to be glued to a tiny digital screen!
The festival was based in the heart of a small woodland area where an Alice In Wonderland theme ran throughout with sign posts crafted from bits of wood and decorated with white swirly writing, empty picture frames hanging from trees on bits of twine and string, wild flowers in every colour imaginable lined the walk ways and lots of fairy lights decorating pretty much everything!
There was also an endless supply of Innocent Smoothies being handed out at every opportunity, which helped the slightly sore heads in the morning. 
There was of course the usual festival essentials such as live bands, face painting, burger vans etc but then with the added twist of activities such as circus skills workshop, laughing yoga, meditation and belly dancing. It was almost like being at a Summer camp, packed full to the brim with things to do and crafts to get stuck into.
It's certainly made me aware of researching smaller festivals and weekends away that are often forgotten about behind the likes of Glastonbury and V-Fest when actually you could save so, so much money and still have bladdy awesome time!


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