Dash For London

This was a very spontaneous, last minute thrown together outfit choice on my behalf as I was in a hurry (as always) to meet the Mother as we were headed to Laaandan for the day. As my time keeping is verging on awful I now feel extra pressure to arrive on time for her to prove a point that I'm not that hopeless at being punctual.
.. Anyway, I wanted something comfortable, weather durable'ish and practical for lots of walking, eating and sitting about for a good old gossip.
Most of this outfit consists of Topshop, as does most of my wardrobe, as I threw together my charcoal Jamie's with the unfinished hems on the legs, a pair of jeans that I've been pairing up with a lot recently. 
I love an unfinished, distressed hem as I think just the smallest details can make such an impact on your outfit choice. 
I also had my Topshop crisp, white peplum style top that I thought looked quite sophisticated for me and very Summery.
Over the top I wore my suedette bomber that I thought brought the whole tone back down to a very effortless casual look, something I thrive for when ever I choose what to wear.
On my feet are once again my Newlook black cut out boots that are no stranger to my blog!

Bomber- Newlook      Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)     Top- Topshop        Shoes- Newlook     
Lipstick- Mac (Dangerous)


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