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80's Flash Back

I still feel like I'm dressing for Spring on my blog as we're just not having any luck with our Summer weather over here in England. What is going onnnnnn?! I'm hoping someday soon I can whip out the sandals and shorts whilst prancing about in the glorious sunshine, but until then here's a little gloomier outfit of the day for you lovely lot. I have paired my Topshop Mom jeans in a dark wash denim with my cropped boxy, oversized white t-shirt from All Saints to create a super laid back casual 80's inspired look. Once again I've thrown on my All Saints soft, slouchy jacket that I've been inseparable from since day 1 of purchasing. You can never get enough wears from such a versatile garment that is weather appropriate for most occasions and is such a great quality piece, plus it's black and the colour black goes with absolutely everything. On my feet are my Topshop black boots with the metallic heel detailing that I honestly haven't worn much at all these…

Dash For London

This was a very spontaneous, last minute thrown together outfit choice on my behalf as I was in a hurry (as always) to meet the Mother as we were headed to Laaandan for the day. As my time keeping is verging on awful I now feel extra pressure to arrive on time for her to prove a point that I'm not that hopeless at being punctual. .. Anyway, I wanted something comfortable, weather durable'ish and practical for lots of walking, eating and sitting about for a good old gossip. Most of this outfit consists of Topshop, as does most of my wardrobe, as I threw together my charcoal Jamie's with the unfinished hems on the legs, a pair of jeans that I've been pairing up with a lot recently.  I love an unfinished, distressed hem as I think just the smallest details can make such an impact on your outfit choice.  I also had my Topshop crisp, white peplum style top that I thought looked quite sophisticated for me and very Summery. Over the top I wore my suedette bomber that I thought bro…

Black Summer

I'm always a little hesitant to wear black in the 'Summer'.. if you'd even call it that here in England thanks to the spontaneous rain showers and constant dark, grey clouds hovering about 24/7. Obviously Summer's represented all bright, bold and colourful and therefore I feel that I too should intemperate this colourful palette into my wardrobe, but sometimes it's nice to keep to the classic, sophisticated black. I've literally been living in my black military style jacket from Allsaints as I've yet to find an occasion/outfit where I don't love it even more than the previous wear. It goes with absolutely everything and anything! I wore it the other day to a wedding with the a royal blue playsuit and strappy heels and it look perfectly formal and smart. Here I've gone with more of a casual approach and paired up my ribbed pink bodysuit from Topshop that is a little revealing with the deep plunge so I do have to make the odd check here and there to …

Doctors Cloak Attire

Bit of a Doctor's cloak looking outfit of the day but I fancied wearing my oversized shirt from Topshop that I seem to have abandoned since last Autumn. Ooopsss! As we approach warmer weather I find myself constantly layering up with a variety of shirts as they're so easy to throw on, effortlessly casual and if the sun does make an appearance you can easily tie them around your waist rather than hauling around a heavier jacket. I do try and mix up shirts as I tend to always reach for a denim style where as today I opted for a crisp white shirt that actually screams Summer with the brightness and lightweight fabric. I then wore my Allsaints jeans, which are slowly becoming one of my favourite pairs that I own, which I never thought would ever occur seeing as I am a very loyal to my Topshop jean collection. This particular pair are the Mast jeans and I love the fact that they're a worn down denim, not distressed but a classic faded denim, a little like Levis. On my feet are my p…

Khaki Dress

I've been wearing this dress a fair bit during the past month with long sleeve Jersey pieces underneath or white t-shirts to recreate the classic 90's look. It's another one of my Allsaints purchases that I seem to be switching about quite a bit to wear to work with my other uniform pieces. As I only have a set amount of uniform I have to get a bit creative with what the few bits I have and therefore combine them with my current wardrobe, which is why they may pop up a little more than expected on my blog. This khaki number is a soft, silky material that is super light to wear during the hotter days we rarely see here in England.  I then wore my stripey, navy and white top from Primark that is quite high a the neckline, meaning it pokes out just the right amount to show a little of the detailing. On my feet are my Newlook classic Chelsea healed boots that got me through the winter months. Of course I thought I'd dare them with the bare legs!  On my lips is Macs 'Dangero…

B*Witched Inspired

Double denim has once again hit Louulia in all it's glory force. I'm obsessed with this 90's/B*Witched trend and am never ashamed to parade it around the town, even though it is super controversial.  Both pieces of denim are Topshop's very own, with the jeans being Jamie and the jacket Moto. I love the distressed detailing as sometimes ripped jeans can be very symmetrical with the rips and tears where as these are a little more of a natural torn. My top is from Allsaints and also features a shredded effect on the shoulders, very festival'esk and an extra bit of detail, which is a little bit different and unusual. Something I wouldn't usually pick but I've certainly loved the little bit of exposed shoulder! On my feet are my Newlook white pointed flats that are serving me well after being purchased last Summer (I believe). They're very simple, comfortable to wear and I think add a little bit of a smart/city chic vibe to any outfit.

Jacket- Topshop   Jeans- T…

Sweater Layering

Well it was certainly a little bit windy whilst I was taking these photo's as most of the other shots are full of hair smothering my face and trying to control my sweater from flying all over the place. These were the select few where I looked relatively calm and collected! For this outfit of the day I pulled out an old classic in the form of my Paisley print dress from Topshop, which was featured a couple of times last Summer on my blog. It's a staple piece that I can have countless wears from as it's super versatile for layering up or stripping down. I then wore my All Saints grey sweater over the top for added warmth as I'm all over this sweater craze at the moment. I have a small collection already started in my wardrobe, which is ever growing thanks to my extreme stalking of the high street and online. I mean, you can never have too many sweaters, right? On my feet are my Converse, of course and I've finished off with a little added colour in the form of Mac's…

Innocent Unplugged


The One & Only Military Jacket

A little bit of a tomboy'ish look going on for today's post! I can never get tired of my military jacket and the multiple outfits/looks I can create by throwing it over the top. It add's a little edge and makes any outfit super casual, which of course I'm all for. I also spotted on one of my all time favourite blogs, Lily Melrose ( incredible style blogger!) that she had paired up a black skirt and a striped top, a very effortless and simple combination yet one I was dying to try myself. I found my faux leather quilted skirt from Primark somewhere in my ridiculously messy chest of drawers and paired it up with my Zara t-shirt.  Although my choice of t-shirts wasn't too bold with the striped pattern, I felt the khaki of my jacket could be the alternative boldness. On my feet are my Converse for the ultimate laid back, a little bit scruffy but still girly look. Finally, on my lips is 'Men Love Mystery' from the one and only Mac!

Jacket- Topshop     S…