90's Stolen Style

For this outfit of the day I was actually inspired by Instagram and one of the many outfit posts that I gorp at on a daily basis. Without fail I always instantly feel a rush of envy for the beauuuutiful clothes and a creative spark for the styling.
My loose, swinging style playsuit is from Boohoo and was actually a purchase from an order I placed after winning a 20% code from one of my many McDonald's meals!
I love the Jersey material and silhouette for the playsuit as it's super easy to layer up and also makes a perfect Summer wardrobe piece as it's not too heavy or clingy to the body.
Underneath I just added a plain old white t-shirt that I thought was a very 90's style method, the old t-shirt underneath everything technique from dungarees and pinafores to camisoles and other strappy tops.
Over the top I threw over my classic ASOS shirt that's been mentioned in quite a few posts recently as it's one of those items that I seriously can't get enough of! It's one of those shirts that works with everything and I mean everything. You can't go wrong with a denim shirt, right?
Lastly, I have my good old trusty Converse!

Playsuit- Boohoo       Shirt- ASOS       Shoes- Converse


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