Spring Has Sprung!

Is that sun?! For the first time since God knows when I've been able to leave the house with minimal layers and not freeeeeze but butt off.. YAY!
It's days like today where I am literally too excited for Summer and I never used to be a Summer girl, I always love good old Winter weather, crisp, cold and fresh. However, I've now converted after having to fork out for heating bills..
Today's outfit of the day post was showing off and parading about in my new cotton, dazzling white flared sleeved top from Topshop that was paired up with my mustard ribbed top from H&M. After all, it would have been far too ambitious to wear short sleeves when we've only just dipped our toes into Spring.
On bottom are my black Joni's (Topshop) and my black Chelsea boots from Newlook as of course they give off the illusion of longer legs, something I strive for!
I also decided to whack on a bit of lippy in the form of Mac's 'Whirl', definitely back on my lipstick game as I did have a couple of months of refusing to wear the stuff.

Hope Spring's treating you well, whatever the weather where you are(:

Top- Topshop (white)     Top- H&M (mustard)      Jeans- Topshop (Joni)     Boots- Newlook
Lipstick- Mac (Whirl)


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