Stupidly Comfy

I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve with this look apart from ultimate comfort! This was supposed to be a quick throw on outfit for grabbing coffee with a friend.. which then of course turned into a shopping spree, which I certainly don't have the funds for right now! 
For this outfit I went for my Topshop Mom jeans, which since loosing a little weight from tour are now stupidly comfy to wear everyday! Tucked into those is my navvy and white striped Jersey top from Zara, both pieces fairly old in all fairness but still super easy and timeless to throw on.
I then have my Converse on my feet, which are still remarkably clean considering I wear them a hell of a lot! I feel like that's a massive achievement?!
I then thought I should throw on a scarf of some sort as we haven't exactly had the warmest of weather and then sun was being extremely deceiving by making a slight appearance! It's still blaadddy cold! This camel one is Topshop's, which was in a sale for £5 I believe?

Top- Zara        Jeans- Topshop (MOM)      Shoes- Converse       Scarf- Topshop


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