Something A Little Different..

This is a little something that I wanted to try with my blog (bit of trial and error!) and just experiment with different blogging styles and ideas. Whilst I was wondering about the town and shops I discovered that there are quite a few hidden gems in the form of smaller named brands, hidden away in our department stores. I then decided to whip out my iPhone to take a couple of outfit shots to blog about later on!
Usually, I'll openly admit that I scan past these brands and scurry off to the comfort of my usual places of shop but today I thought I'd step out of my bubble and actually explore the different styles, patterns and colours that these brands have to offer. 
Esprit is a company I've heard of before and never been able to pronounce without correction! As they are situated right next door to Warehouse I thought they would be a perfect choice to begin my browsing as they're displays were bold in colour, simple and yet eye catching.
I'm a massive shirt fan, mahoooosive and therefore thought I'd keep that idea in mind whilst rummaging around in their Spring/Summer collection. These were the two designs that I pulled out, perfect with my MOM jeans I was already wearing as well as my pointed black boots. 
Both these looks were effortless and with a slight hippy edge thanks to the low necklines, patterns and sheer material that hung loosely. I felt like I should pair up a black choker or something to really complete this look and even take it to a late 70's vibe! 
Both these shirts felt as though they had such a high quality finish to the tiniest details such as the buttons.. I know that sounds a little crazy and weird but honestly I never knew you could get high quality buttons? I guess I mean they didn't feel as though they were going to pop off at any moment with the wobbly motion buttons tend to have.
Enough button talk! So, I guess what I was trying to put across is that it's great to get out of the comfort zone of our loyal brands, which we devote our hard earned wages to and actually explore the highstreets a little more with other stores offering just as/even more beautiful garments we can't wait to get our hands on!

Paisley Shirt - Here               Striped Shirt- Here


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