Shoes! Shoes!

Basically, I wanted to write a post about these rather in-your-face snake skin (faux of course!) shoes that I bought from Topshop back late last year, which have been sitting in their plastic packaging in my junk cupboard from about 6 months. 
I thought it was a bit of a waste to have these beauties sitting away in the dark for so long as I couldn't wait for Summer to bring them back out?!
So, my outfit was pretty much designed around the shoes. I wore my Dree jeans, which still make my jaw hit the floor thinking that they were only a fiver in the sale! 
I then have my high neck grey top from Miss Guided that I thought was perfect and simple to pair with such a bold pattern without drawing away any attention from my shoes.
Over the top of that is my Forever 21 faux leather jacket that is wonderfully thick (a little stiff at times but I can move my arms, which is the main thing!) to keep the chills out.
.. And there you have it! A very simplistic outfit of the day on my behalf!

Shoes- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop (Dree)      Top- Miss Guided     Jacket- Forever 21


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