My First Culottes

We've appeared to have headed down the formal route with my blogging again.. hence the culottes and high neck!
Although, I've never worn culottes before and after spotting these in the Zara sale for a tiny price of £5.99 how the heck could I resist not taking them home with me? Even if I didn't like them on my body I knew that I would make them work no matter what after paying peanuts for them.
Turns out.. I love them! They're a little too baggy around the waste so I pinned them up with a Primark belt, which I love adding to any outfit at the moment. 
I then paired up my high neck 70's wallpaper patterned top from Topshop last year that I wore on New Years and discovered how brilliant it looked paired up with almost anything.
On my feet are my Newlook chunky trainers, which have no seen sun light in about a year?! If you've read a few of my earlier posts (thankyou!) you may remember these shoes were ones I lived in day and night until I coughed up the money and moved on to Converse.
Lastly, I had that bold, bright Mac lipstick on again in the shade 'Men Love Mystery'.

Top- Topshop        Culottes- Zara        Shoes- Newlook      Belt- Primark
Lipstick- MAC (Men love Mystery)


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