Mmm Layers

I saw a look very similar to this on my Instagram feed and fell in love with the idea of having an oversized shirt/t-shirt over a long sleeve/roll neck top. This was my version! 
I wore my grainy grey top from Missguided (which I didn't even know I owned?) and then over the top of that was my white burnout style tee from Urban Outfitters. As the tee has a deep V neck design it worked well with showing as much of the top underneath just like an unbuttoned collar shirt would. 
On the bottom were my Topshop Jamie jeans and Topshop black boots with the gold detailing. This is a very simple outfit and quite effortless casual compared to my recent blog posts.
I thought I'd add a dash of colour in the form of Mac's retro matte 'Dangerous' as this is quite a dark colour palette throughout.

Top- Missguided     Tee- Urban Outfitters    Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)     Boots- Topshop


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