Beige But Not Boring

After looking back at these photo's I must say colour was not on the cards for this particular day! Oops. But anyhow, here's my outfit of the day! 
I started with a chunky piece of knitwear as obviously we're still awaiting on Spring to spring into action and drag out the glorious sunshine. This particular piece of knitwear is good old Topshop and is a camel colour, cropped and extremely snug. I wore further Topshop in the form of my dog tooth print trousers that haven't seen daylight in a long old time!
I forgot how much I loved these trousers too so I'm lucky that I'm finally back with my beloved clothes to rediscover those favourite gems.
On my feet are my Old Skool Vans that still haven't been worn to death, which is so unlike me when it comes to new shoes. I guess they'll just be the neat and tidy pair that everyone supposedly has hidden away in their wardrobe, you know for when Mum yells at you for having scruffy shoes on smarter occasions? No? Just me then!
Lastly, on my lips is the colour Whirl from MAC, dark and long lasting! Perfect.

Jumper- Topshop     Trousers- Topshop       Shoes- Vans       Lipstick- Whirl (MAC)


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