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Shoes! Shoes!

Basically, I wanted to write a post about these rather in-your-face snake skin (faux of course!) shoes that I bought from Topshop back late last year, which have been sitting in their plastic packaging in my junk cupboard from about 6 months.  I thought it was a bit of a waste to have these beauties sitting away in the dark for so long as I couldn't wait for Summer to bring them back out?! So, my outfit was pretty much designed around the shoes. I wore my Dree jeans, which still make my jaw hit the floor thinking that they were only a fiver in the sale!  I then have my high neck grey top from Miss Guided that I thought was perfect and simple to pair with such a bold pattern without drawing away any attention from my shoes. Over the top of that is my Forever 21 faux leather jacket that is wonderfully thick (a little stiff at times but I can move my arms, which is the main thing!) to keep the chills out. .. And there you have it! A very simplistic outfit of the day on my behalf!
Shoes- To…

Nippy Legs

You know when you're so desperate to wear an outfit that you've had planned for agesss and then when it comes down to wearing it the weather just doesn't agree with you? Yeah, that happened.  I've only ever worn this burgundy shirt dress from Topshop once and therefore it was hanging from my clothing rail, longing to be worn just one more time so I couldn't resist. However, it meant that the cloudy, chilly weather outside was going to be a little problematic as I really couldn't bare the thought of wearing tights. It's just the constant hassle of yanking them up when they slip down all the time, I mean it never looks attractive does it? So, I took the plunge and went bare legged. Bloody hell did I regret that one! However, the final overall look was so so worth it! Underneath my dress, poking out at the neckline was my Primark striped navy and white roll neck top, which still kept an element of Winter in my outfit. Boots are Newlook, which seem to have made an …

My First Culottes

We've appeared to have headed down the formal route with my blogging again.. hence the culottes and high neck! Although, I've never worn culottes before and after spotting these in the Zara sale for a tiny price of £5.99 how the heck could I resist not taking them home with me? Even if I didn't like them on my body I knew that I would make them work no matter what after paying peanuts for them. Turns out.. I love them! They're a little too baggy around the waste so I pinned them up with a Primark belt, which I love adding to any outfit at the moment.  I then paired up my high neck 70's wallpaper patterned top from Topshop last year that I wore on New Years and discovered how brilliant it looked paired up with almost anything. On my feet are my Newlook chunky trainers, which have no seen sun light in about a year?! If you've read a few of my earlier posts (thankyou!) you may remember these shoes were ones I lived in day and night until I coughed up the money and mov…

New Scenery

Well, that's a bit of a new scenery? May I introduce you to my bedroom! I've only ever once taken photo's for my blog in my room at my house and hated everything about the final photo's! The lighting, the quality, the bedroom layout itself.. just everything! But since being back from tour I've re-arranged my room and bought a couple of new pieces of furniture for it, making it all very me and very room-proud. I thought I'd try once again to take photo's in my bedroom and this time I really like how they've turned out, so at least if it rains I have a back up! My outfit for today's post is all about the layering. I've paired up my crisp white shirt from Topshop with my oversized chunky knitted jumper from Newlook to create a cosy, snug and preppy look. On bottom are my Topshop Jamie jeans that are ripped to smithereens and then my Newlook black pointed boots. So basically, two of my favourite brands worn from head to toe! On my lips is my newest lips…

Something A Little Different..

This is a little something that I wanted to try with my blog (bit of trial and error!) and just experiment with different blogging styles and ideas. Whilst I was wondering about the town and shops I discovered that there are quite a few hidden gems in the form of smaller named brands, hidden away in our department stores. I then decided to whip out my iPhone to take a couple of outfit shots to blog about later on! Usually, I'll openly admit that I scan past these brands and scurry off to the comfort of my usual places of shop but today I thought I'd step out of my bubble and actually explore the different styles, patterns and colours that these brands have to offer.  Esprit is a company I've heard of before and never been able to pronounce without correction! As they are situated right next door to Warehouse I thought they would be a perfect choice to begin my browsing as they're displays were bold in colour, simple and yet eye catching. I'm a massive shirt fan, mahoo…

Mmm Layers

I saw a look very similar to this on my Instagram feed and fell in love with the idea of having an oversized shirt/t-shirt over a long sleeve/roll neck top. This was my version!  I wore my grainy grey top from Missguided (which I didn't even know I owned?) and then over the top of that was my white burnout style tee from Urban Outfitters. As the tee has a deep V neck design it worked well with showing as much of the top underneath just like an unbuttoned collar shirt would.  On the bottom were my Topshop Jamie jeans and Topshop black boots with the gold detailing. This is a very simple outfit and quite effortless casual compared to my recent blog posts. I thought I'd add a dash of colour in the form of Mac's retro matte 'Dangerous' as this is quite a dark colour palette throughout.
Top- Missguided     Tee- Urban Outfitters    Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)     Boots- Topshop

Girly Tomboy

I loved this look! It was very girly yet had a hint of casual tomboy essence to it thanks to my scruffy Reebok trainers.  My mustard long sleeve top is from H&M and was from the basics range so cost just under £10, therefore I had to buy a couple! I love the boxy fit and high neck line, which makes it super easy to wear with jeans, skirts or underneath dungarees. I then wore my Primark faux leather skirt that I featured in a post a couple of weeks back. It's not something I usually wear but I've really enjoyed pairing it up with jumpers and shirts to create quite edgy feminine looks, which isn't really me at all! Well, I guess it's good to mix it all up?! I then wore the super cosy tights from Primark (of course!) I mean why wouldn't I wear a fleece lined pair of tights in the freeeeezing cold?  .. And as mentioned previously I wore my Reebok classic trainers on my feet for comfort and to keep the whole look very casual rather than going a bit fancy. These trainers…

Stupidly Comfy

I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve with this look apart from ultimate comfort! This was supposed to be a quick throw on outfit for grabbing coffee with a friend.. which then of course turned into a shopping spree, which I certainly don't have the funds for right now!  For this outfit I went for my Topshop Mom jeans, which since loosing a little weight from tour are now stupidly comfy to wear everyday! Tucked into those is my navvy and white striped Jersey top from Zara, both pieces fairly old in all fairness but still super easy and timeless to throw on. I then have my Converse on my feet, which are still remarkably clean considering I wear them a hell of a lot! I feel like that's a massive achievement?! I then thought I should throw on a scarf of some sort as we haven't exactly had the warmest of weather and then sun was being extremely deceiving by making a slight appearance! It's still blaadddy cold! This camel one is Topshop's, which was in a sale for £…

Beige But Not Boring

After looking back at these photo's I must say colour was not on the cards for this particular day! Oops. But anyhow, here's my outfit of the day!  I started with a chunky piece of knitwear as obviously we're still awaiting on Spring to spring into action and drag out the glorious sunshine. This particular piece of knitwear is good old Topshop and is a camel colour, cropped and extremely snug. I wore further Topshop in the form of my dog tooth print trousers that haven't seen daylight in a long old time! I forgot how much I loved these trousers too so I'm lucky that I'm finally back with my beloved clothes to rediscover those favourite gems. On my feet are my Old Skool Vans that still haven't been worn to death, which is so unlike me when it comes to new shoes. I guess they'll just be the neat and tidy pair that everyone supposedly has hidden away in their wardrobe, you know for when Mum yells at you for having scruffy shoes on smarter occasions? No? Just …