Smart Streak

You may see a reoccurring detail in all of my most recent blog photo's.. yes, the stupid yellow ball. My not so little puppy dog insists that as soon as we're outside with a tripod and camera we should automatically be playing fetch. I literally have the shoo him out of the shot seconds before the timer goes off! It's impossible to play babysitter and shoot blog photo's! So, I've now accepted that the ball will be appearing regularly.
I've also opted for a much more formal approach in my outfits, not too sure why but maybe now that I'm not living out of a suitcase I finally can experiment with all those different styles whether they be casual or smart looking!
For today's look I went for a pretty smart look (I also had an interview, which I had to dress to impress for) with my mustard cigarette trousers from ASOS, complete with a Primark belt.
I then discovered my Zara cream jumper at the back of my wardrobe, which I was obsessed with for so long that went so so well with the yellow colour. I also wanted to keep the belt detailing on display, which is why I did a little bit of tucking.
I then wore my Newlook heeled boots, which are no strangers to my blog! I managed to twist my ligaments in my right foot a few weeks back on tour and am now finding out only a small bunch of shoes are bearable to wear for long periods of time. Boots aren't probably helping all that much but I find they're comfier to wear that flat shoes?

Jumper- Zara       Trousers- ASOS        Belt- Primark      Boots- Newlook


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