Let's Do Business

Oh look.. there's that bloody yellow ball again! Told you it'll be making many more appearances on my blog. This look consisted of once again quite smart vibes, at the moment it's a common theme but like I said in my previous posts it's just me experimenting with my look now that I'm not dressing like a 14 year old each day (Wendy).
For this look I wore my dark grey cigarette trousers from Forever 21 that fit perfectly in both the casual and formal category.
As I'm loving the whole smart look I opted for a white turtle neck top from Newlook to pair up with my trousers for a very clean, quite business woman finish (hence the title of this post!).
This wasn't intended but I just really liked the overall look of the turtle neck and cigarette trousers being paired together. It's also not a bad thing if you fancy leaning over to the formal side when dressing day to day as it's always nice to switch up your style and play around with different cuts and silhouettes.
I threw over my bleach denim shirt from ASOS just to tone everything down a little but still keeping the overall finish smart and crisp. If anything it added a late 80's early 90's feel to my outfit?
On my feet are my Newlook Chelsea boots (surprise, surprise!) and my trusty black Primark belt just to stop those trousers sliding and the awkward pulling up every now and then!

Shirt- ASOS        Trousers- Forever 21        Top- Newlook      Shoes- Newlook      Belt- Primark


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