Bright Whites

These photo's weren't supposed to turn out so bright but I guess I'll have to work with what I've got! You may need a pair of sunglasses or somehow to turn down your screen brightness in order to actually see past the blinding white.
I've recently been mixing up my knitwear with shirts but in a topsy-turvy way, with the knitwear being underneath the shirt. I found this beige coloured knitted piece from H&M whilst in Scotland for rehearsals and seeing as it's a loose looped fabric with no sleeves, it's perfect for the whole layering trick, whether that may be on top or underneath!
Over the top is my oversized white cotton shirt from Topshop that I just love. It's boxy, casual and super soft for everyday wear. 
I've found a whole new level of obsession for wet look leggings, which I didn't think was possible until I started wearing my Boohoo one's again. When I can't be bothered to even think about wearing jeans all day I turn to my trusty leggings because there's nothing better than being comfortable in what I wear. Of course I have my Newlook boots and on my lips is Topshop's 'The Damned'.

Shirt- Topshop    Top- H&M     Leggings- Boohoo      Boots- Newlook     Lipstick- Topshop (The Damned)


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