Winter Tour Picks

Currently I am living out of one very crammed suitcase (waaaah), which means I'm restricted to how much I can buy/pack. This is literally impossible for someone so obsessed with blowing pay cheque's on anything materialistic!
However, I have managed to get my hands on a couple of items that are keeping me very happy and snug whilst nursing my home sickness.
First off, I have discovered a new daily moisturizer to replace my Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, which sadly ran its course a couple of days back after much love and usage.
The Dove Purely Pampering moisturizer smells deliciously subtle on your skin and leaves a non sticky residue after a quick rub in. My skin is ridiculously sensitive to anything new or ambitious in scents so I was a little skeptical about trying something new but I am very pleasantly surprised! I opted for the Shea butter scent as I'm slowly edging from my sickly sweet scents for something more musky and grow-up'y?
I then have two items of clothing (what do you expect from me!?), which are both from slightly different ends of the high street price wise. I purchased a Primark grey speckled scarf a few weeks back as I felt my scarf collection was letting me down a little whilst touring for the winter.
This one cost me £7, which I felt was a bit steep for Primark (I'm stingey!) but as I've had it attached to my neck 24/7 and is a ridiculously soft material I can safely say I'm a very happy customer. 
Lastly, I have my Topshop faux fur gilet in a gorgeous cream colour that was a Birthday present from my Mam a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I chose this piece during their Black Friday sales, which meant I only spent £35 and as it's something I can pair with pretty much anything I felt this was a fair price. 
I can't wait to be home for Christmas to pair ripped jeans, boots, dresses, shirts and anything else I can rummage from my wardrobe to pair up with this beauty! In fact, I can't wait to be surrounded by beautiful clothes rather than my current tatty Wendy dress!


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