An Edinburgh Christmas

I know, I know it's not quite Christmas Day but I like to consider the whole countdown event to the 25th as Christmas as I find that the most exciting part. The markets, food, decorations in each town and of course the Christmas songs are what makes December such .. and please forgive my corniness.. magical time of the year!
This year I've been lucky enough to spend my countdown in one of the liveliest parts of the UK, Edinburgh and get a taste of what Scotland has to offer at Christmas time. We spent one chilly Saturday down in the Christmas market, which is very similar to Winter Wonderland (London) with the mini market stalls stocked with handmade gifts and delights and then of course the classic ice skating rink and other classic fairground attractions, which are priced at a ridiculously high! 

I then dragged the boys to explore a museum, which of course meant a sh*t ton of Snapchat's and arty angled photo's of many stuffed animals. I love a good museum! They're one of my favourite things to visit and one of the best places to go for a first date in my opinion. You're not sat awkwardly facing each other at a table, you're walking around constantly so you don't get fidgety and there's tons of artifacts to talk about to keep the conversation flowing.. Thank me later! 

Finally, here's a selection of the photo's I snapped up with lots of lovely filters. Enjoy!


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