Neverland Update

On my usual daily Instagram stalking/scrolling session I realized how sick I am of not being able to blog more frequently.
As you may know from previous posts I am currently touring the UK with a Peter Pan pantomime and therefore wifi is so rare and precious in order for me to get typing!
We've now arrived in a new accommodation in Durham where we have been blessed with wifi, heating and for myself.. a mahhhooosive double bed! I thought I'd write a little update of what's happening my end whilst I cherish this technology and stuff my face with walnut whips, whilst listening to my new three disc Christmas CD.

So, we are now into our 12th week on the road, which is unbelievable! It feels like yesterday I was a nervous wreck on the train to Ayr, Scotland with my ipod plugged in and my script crumpled to death from being read thousands of times!
We've certainly had an array of audiences from all different types of schools across the country and not one performance has been the same, which is so refreshing and keeps the whole show a constant buzz.
It is very different from retail! The energy required is ridiculously high and at first you have no idea where on earth you'll be able to summon it from when you're approaching your fourth singing/dancing number, but it's always mustered up one way or another!

This weekend was particularly special for me as I celebrated my 23rd birthday, my first one away from my home. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about not hitting the town with my friends or seeing all of my family but I've found that the panto team are my second little family. It's crazy to think how close we have become in such a short space of time and with four completely different backgrounds.

Now the countdown to Christmas begins, which means an endless supply of Costa festive menu's and bobble hats galore! 


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