Bournemouth Bound

Each one of these tiles are dedicated to an individual life that was lost to AIDS and were donated and decorated by a loved one in loving memory. 

I thought whilst I have no access to any of my closet or posh camera I could write up a post of my outing to Bournemouth for our fourth leg of the Peter Pan tour.
We decided we had to get exploring as we couldn't waste a Saturday stuck in side, twiddling our thumbs and playing countless rounds of sh*t-head (a card game that I've discovered I'm pretty good at?) and therefore we headed into town!
I haven't been to an aquarium in yonks so we thought that would be a pretty good idea to pass some time, hence the tourist like photo's of tortoises and otters, which I had no idea were considered an aquarium live stock choice?
Of course we opted for the classic British fish and chips for lunch, I mean it would just be totally alien not to, right? .. And yes, they had coke floats, which was my obvious choice as my sweet tooth is always in control.
We pretty much spent the rest of the day mooching around and chilling, which was really lovely to just walk around somewhere unfamiliar and pick up the odd ice cream.. or two.
.. So here are my photo's from my iPhone to share with you, enjoy!


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