The Old & The New

I haven't been able to update my blog for the past couple of days as I've managed to contract a nasty virus on my laptop somehow.. it may have possibly been caught due to the lack of anti-virus software on my laptop. Therefore, it's currently being resuscitated with little success thanks to my Step-Dad!
I've now opted for my good old fashioned desktop computer, which is currently balanced in an ugly pile of technology at the end of my bed for now.
Today's outfit of the day was a bit of an old and new Topshop collaboration thanks to my mint lace shorts, which were bought back a couple of Summers ago and my chiffon white shirt, which is such a staple piece in my wardrobe at the moment.
I've been throwing it on over absolutely everything as white shirts are super versatile and always look clean and crisp with any outfit.
I then wore my Newlook black ankle boots as whilst we still have a little warmth creeping into Autumn I thought I should make the most of having bare legs.

Shorts- Topshop      Shirt- Topshop     Boots- Newlook



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