Hello! This past week has been probably one of the most surreal weeks of my entire life and at the moment my emotions are all over the place.
After attending a successful audition I can now confirm I shall be performing the role of Wendy on a 6 month UK tour of Peter Pan, which is one of my most favourite and cherished childhood stories of all time. 
I'm completely shocked and excited and nervous and blah blah sooo many emotions all contained inside of me.
Not only have I bagged a dream role but I've also got to pack my current life up and move out of the country and all around the UK in the next three weeks.
I am incredibly lucky that I get to see the rest of Britain and discover new and exciting places that I never thought I'd be able to visit at the age of 22, whilst still fulfilling my dream of working as a professional Actress.
 It also meant that I handed in my resignation at my current retail job, which was something I never thought I'd be so gutted to do.
I love my team, everyone just makes the clear rail, fitting room and tills so much more bearable and dare I say fun?
I've never worked with such a bunch of caring, incredibly loyal bunch of goons and I wouldn't have changed them for the world.. but I'm taking the plunge and moving onto hopefully bigger and better things.
This brings me to another point.. my blog.
I adore blogging! It keeps me sane and allows me to produce something I love into a hobby that I can share with an audience who have a similar passion to me.
Therefore, it's going to be a little bit bumpy keeping my blog refreshed and up to date within the next 6 months seeing as I wont be able to take my big old camera or tripod with me on the road.
Please hold tight though! I will do my best to keep louulia going!

Here's to the next chapter!


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