Very Little Black Dress

I'm not normally one for short skirts/dresses but I can't get enough of my Primark t-shirt dress that goes so well with shirts and jackets to create a really casual look. 
Although I was constantly checking my bum wasn't exposed and pulling down the back of my shirt to make sure everything was all covered!
I threw my washed denim shirt from ASOS over the top, which created an extra layer of length, which made up for my ridiculously short dress.
Then on my feet are my Newlook black Chelsea boots that I dusted off from being stored up in the shoe box for months and months! I'd forgotten about these boots that I usually never remove from my feet in the colder months.
I'm also trying to milk my tan as long as I can seeing as I never usually get my pins out this often in Summer but I may as well now I feel happier they have a bit of a glow.
On my lips I have MAC's 'Speak Louder', which is one of two lipsticks I own from MAC but I have now decided I need to invest in a new colour!


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