Leopard Print Pumps

My friend described this look as a 'Salon Employee Uniform', which to be fair I'd agree with! I guess it's all to do with the roll neck and the cigarette trousers.
I've also gone for very dark colours during this Summer season seeing as I own quite a few summery tops that I barely dig out of my wardrobe for the cold as I often reach for the nearest, comfiest jumper I can find.
Plus, there's no written rule to wearing black's, grey's or any dark colour's in Summer, right?
I paired my black Primark roll neck top with a pair of ASOS dark grey trousers and my newest addition to my ever filling up wardrobe in the form of my leopard print pumps, again ASOS.
I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of leopard print shoes for a while now as I couldn't decide on or find a pair that I really adored.
Although I did like the idea of wearing leopard print boots around the town, I thought I should save that purchase for Autumn when I can barely hold myself back from buying a ton of ankle boots!

Top- Primark         Trousers- ASOS            Shoes- ASOS


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