Hip Hop Vibes

My outfit for today's post reminded me of something out of a hip hop music video for some reason? Very American and very laid back! But it's good to mix it all up a little, right?
I wore a denim look top from Primark, that is horrendously creased.. I completely suck at domestic skills.
I then paired that with a pair of MOM shorts from Topshop, which were a similar colour and although double denim is still frowned upon in our high street, it's not going to stop me taking the plunge!
I then tied around my waist my Topshop red checkered shirt just for extra warmth and layering for the cooler evenings. I thought it would look a little more interesting and colourful to tie it around my waist rather than scrunched into a bag.
On my feet are my Converse and then I added my Primark Aviators for when the sun decided to make an odd appearance.

Top- Primark         Shirt- Topshop        Shorts- Topshop (MOM)        Shoes- Converse


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