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Smart City Vibes

I recently somehow saved the pennies and purchased a few dresses from ASOS that I've yet to photograph for my blog. But I managed to dress this red and white striped one for a days work and decided it would go perfectly for a new outfit of the day post. I also thought with my Topshop (actually my room mates) duster jacket thrown over the top it looks very smart for my usual style. It was perfect for the ever changing British August weather, seeing as Saturday greeted us with a scorcher and then today is chucking buckets. I decided to wear my Converse as they toned down my outfit for a more smart casual vibe and over all I felt like I was off to work in the city. .. But no, just into a retail store!
I'd like to also point out I have no idea what I was doing in the last photo.. Just some sort of weird flying/odd movement I guess?
Dress- ASOS        Jacket- Topshop           Shoes- Converse


Hello! This past week has been probably one of the most surreal weeks of my entire life and at the moment my emotions are all over the place. After attending a successful audition I can now confirm I shall be performing the role of Wendy on a 6 month UK tour of Peter Pan, which is one of my most favourite and cherished childhood stories of all time.  I'm completely shocked and excited and nervous and blah blah sooo many emotions all contained inside of me. Not only have I bagged a dream role but I've also got to pack my current life up and move out of the country and all around the UK in the next three weeks. I am incredibly lucky that I get to see the rest of Britain and discover new and exciting places that I never thought I'd be able to visit at the age of 22, whilst still fulfilling my dream of working as a professional Actress.  It also meant that I handed in my resignation at my current retail job, which was something I never thought I'd be so gutted to do. I love my t…

Leopard Print Pumps

My friend described this look as a 'Salon Employee Uniform', which to be fair I'd agree with! I guess it's all to do with the roll neck and the cigarette trousers. I've also gone for very dark colours during this Summer season seeing as I own quite a few summery tops that I barely dig out of my wardrobe for the cold as I often reach for the nearest, comfiest jumper I can find. Plus, there's no written rule to wearing black's, grey's or any dark colour's in Summer, right? I paired my black Primark roll neck top with a pair of ASOS dark grey trousers and my newest addition to my ever filling up wardrobe in the form of my leopard print pumps, again ASOS. I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of leopard print shoes for a while now as I couldn't decide on or find a pair that I really adored. Although I did like the idea of wearing leopard print boots around the town, I thought I should save that purchase for Autumn when I can barely hold myself b…

Hip Hop Vibes

My outfit for today's post reminded me of something out of a hip hop music video for some reason? Very American and very laid back! But it's good to mix it all up a little, right? I wore a denim look top from Primark, that is horrendously creased.. I completely suck at domestic skills. I then paired that with a pair of MOM shorts from Topshop, which were a similar colour and although double denim is still frowned upon in our high street, it's not going to stop me taking the plunge! I then tied around my waist my Topshop red checkered shirt just for extra warmth and layering for the cooler evenings. I thought it would look a little more interesting and colourful to tie it around my waist rather than scrunched into a bag. On my feet are my Converse and then I added my Primark Aviators for when the sun decided to make an odd appearance.

Top- Primark         Shirt- Topshop        Shorts- Topshop (MOM)        Shoes- Converse

Very Little Black Dress

I'm not normally one for short skirts/dresses but I can't get enough of my Primark t-shirt dress that goes so well with shirts and jackets to create a really casual look.  Although I was constantly checking my bum wasn't exposed and pulling down the back of my shirt to make sure everything was all covered! I threw my washed denim shirt from ASOS over the top, which created an extra layer of length, which made up for my ridiculously short dress. Then on my feet are my Newlook black Chelsea boots that I dusted off from being stored up in the shoe box for months and months! I'd forgotten about these boots that I usually never remove from my feet in the colder months. I'm also trying to milk my tan as long as I can seeing as I never usually get my pins out this often in Summer but I may as well now I feel happier they have a bit of a glow. On my lips I have MAC's 'Speak Louder', which is one of two lipsticks I own from MAC but I have now decided I need to invest…

Yellow Cigarette Trousers

As I've been living in pretty much anything stripey these last couple of days I decided to head for the colourful side in the form of my vivid yellow cigarette trousers from ASOS that are ridiculously eye catching and fun in the sunny weather. I always find it quite hard to add dashes of colour to my wardrobe as I have a huge guilty pleasure for denim and darker colour's so when I find a statement piece, which is screaming colour then I feel it's a big fat bonus. I wore my ASOS trousers with a plain old white top from Topshop, which I tucked in a little to create a smart, cleaner finish to my outfit. This created a very city'esk vibe as well as looking very elegant and slightly 50's. On my feet are my pool sliders from Primark, which are another item I've been wearing to death during the Summer and will carry on doing so until they're completely destroyed!

Trousers- ASOS        Top- Topshop          Sliders- Primark

Stripes & Pleather

My outfit of the day has been inspired by the beautiful Caroline Flack from a couple of pictures that recently surfaced from her presenting the X-Factor. I love Caroline's style and everything about her fashion sense. She knows exactly how to pair up bold colours and creating a perfect balance of formal/casual. I re-created Flack's look by digging out my black pleather skirt from Primark, which I have barely worn since buying a couple of years back. I then wore my oversized striped tunic from Forever 21, which I tucked into my skirt to create a really laid back look to my outfit. On my feet were my shiny brand new Converse that I treated myself to last pay-cheque as they were a bargain via Amazon.
Top- Forever 21              Skirt- Primark           Shoes- Converse