YSL Outfit Idea

I was contacted by a lovely lady from Farfetch who asked me to create an outfit that would compliment the classic Smoking Jacket, which is a timeless piece by Yves Saint Laurent.
In the collage that I created I wanted to make sure that the outfit I put together could be worn throughout the year and adjusted in little ways to match each Season.

I started with the western stitched pocket shirt, which as a denim shirt is always a great starting point for a smart casual look.
I thought in the warmer weather you could leave it unbuttoned with a white vest top underneath or in the cooler months layer it up and keep it buttoned to the top.
I've opted for signature black leather leggings that I thought would be great all year round seeing as they wouldn't been too thick and sweaty to wear in the Summer as nothing is worse than sticky denim clingy to your legs.. blah!
Plus it's a material that looks great with anything and can jazz up an outfit instantly.
On the feet I've chosen the classic Jane ankle strap stilettos, which may not be the most practical of shoes but at least they'd look beautiful for a short while.
I love these style shoes for so many reasons but thrown together with jeans or leggings and they make you feel all empowering and feisty with your tottering around thanks to that towering heel.
For accessories I chose simple but elegant pieces that will compliment and add the cherry on top for my overall look.
I've picked the signature monogram charm bracelet that I think would look beautiful dangling around the wrist and paired up with the armure fil diagonal bangle will be the perfect combination.
I've also chosen a classic bag in the form of monogram Saint Laurent chain wallet in the gorgeous bright yellow colour that really adds a bright splash of colour to my outfit choice. Plus it's a great size to store of the vital pieces we girls need to haul around on a daily basis!

'Fashion fades, style is eternal'.. Yves Saint Laurent


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