Topshop Knitwear

First of all can we please excuse the horrendous roots that I am styling in this post. I'm still undecided what I want to try out on my locks next, so right now it's these long old, peeping roots.
With my new black knitted Topshop piece I paired up my ancient bleached Hayden's, again Topshop and finally a pair of black flats from Newlook.
This was quite a smart look overall and quite preppy, which for me is a little unusual. It was a little weird wearing knitwear in the Summer and not having to worry about over heating, but that's the beauty of these big looped knitted pieces. 
Especially if they're sleeveless as it means you can throw it on with a pair of jeans and know that you'll pretty much be set for the whole day whether that may be overcast, sun shine or a little rain.
They'll also be perfect when Autumn (gulp.. it's on the way) hits as they can be layered up with long sleeve Jersey pieces underneath or a denim jacket thrown over.

Top- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop       Shoes- Newlook


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