Striped Vest

Once again I've been hunting through my house mate's wardrobe in order to discover some hidden gems to feature in my blog seeing as the pennies are tight these past few months for me to purchase some new pieces.
I came across a Primark knitted striped vest that I absolutely love the style of. It's very old school, which may be a reason for my big girl crush but also the pattern.. you can't go wrong with stripes.
Grey cigarette trousers from Forever 21 and white Birkenstock style sandals, Primark where the pieces to compliment my stripes.
I felt this overall look was very tailored looking and quite smart. It reminded me of a young gents attire in the 1930's, especially the trousers and vest combo.
It's also nice to still be able to wear trousers and knitwear in the Summer without completely overheating and sweating bucket loads!

Vest- Primark         Trousers- Forever 21       Sandals- Primark



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