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YSL Outfit Idea

I was contacted by a lovely lady from Farfetch who asked me to create an outfit that would compliment the classic Smoking Jacket, which is a timeless piece by Yves Saint Laurent. In the collage that I created I wanted to make sure that the outfit I put together could be worn throughout the year and adjusted in little ways to match each Season.

I started with the western stitched pocket shirt, which as a denim shirt is always a great starting point for a smart casual look. I thought in the warmer weather you could leave it unbuttoned with a white vest top underneath or in the cooler months layer it up and keep it buttoned to the top. I've opted for signature black leather leggings that I thought would be great all year round seeing as they wouldn't been too thick and sweaty to wear in the Summer as nothing is worse than sticky denim clingy to your legs.. blah! Plus it's a material that looks great with anything and can jazz up an outfit instantly. On the feet I've chosen the

Dunagrees Dream

I got myself a pair of dungaree's after the ever lasting lust! I've wanted a pair of vintage 90's looking dungaree's for a very long time and after spotting this pair on Monki (via ASOS) I am now one extremely happy girl. I didn't expect them to be half as comfy as they are seeing as they look like they'd give you a bit of a hardcore wedgie when you sit down and move about a little too much, but nope they're pretty much the comfiest thing I own right now. .. Apart from my bed obviously! I was a little confused on sizing as I wanted them slightly oversized but not hanging off of me, so I opted for a medium although it also gave you the choice of UK size 8-14? A little odd! I thought medium would be safe bet as it's a bit of two sizes in one! I wore my navy and white striped high neck top from Primark, which I bought a few months back and have worn mostly with high waisted jeans, which meant a it was a nice change to wear with something different. I then wore m…

Oversized White Shirt

I've worn this Topshop oversized shirt before but I'm exploring new ways to wear it without repeating myself too often. This is why I opted for a pair of black lace shorts that I bought from Tosphop a couple of Summer's ago that worked well underneath and just revealed a little of the lace hem beneath the shirt. This was an outfit that screamed Summer in quite an elegant way I thought. Although wearing shirts that are a little oversized yet still extremely short are considered quite daring and a just-rolled-out-of-bed look I thought I'd take the plunge. And of course I'm a big fan on monochrome so I stuck with what I loved in the colour scheme. On my feet are my ASOS tan sandals, which I've worn quite a bit this Summer seeing as you can't go wrong with a comfy and versatile pair of sandals.

Shirt- Topshop         Shorts- Topshop          Sandals- ASOS

Topshop Knitwear

First of all can we please excuse the horrendous roots that I am styling in this post. I'm still undecided what I want to try out on my locks next, so right now it's these long old, peeping roots. With my new black knitted Topshop piece I paired up my ancient bleached Hayden's, again Topshop and finally a pair of black flats from Newlook. This was quite a smart look overall and quite preppy, which for me is a little unusual. It was a little weird wearing knitwear in the Summer and not having to worry about over heating, but that's the beauty of these big looped knitted pieces.  Especially if they're sleeveless as it means you can throw it on with a pair of jeans and know that you'll pretty much be set for the whole day whether that may be overcast, sun shine or a little rain. They'll also be perfect when Autumn (gulp.. it's on the way) hits as they can be layered up with long sleeve Jersey pieces underneath or a denim jacket thrown over. Laaaavely!
Top- Topsh…

Striped Vest

Once again I've been hunting through my house mate's wardrobe in order to discover some hidden gems to feature in my blog seeing as the pennies are tight these past few months for me to purchase some new pieces. I came across a Primark knitted striped vest that I absolutely love the style of. It's very old school, which may be a reason for my big girl crush but also the pattern.. you can't go wrong with stripes. Grey cigarette trousers from Forever 21 and white Birkenstock style sandals, Primark where the pieces to compliment my stripes. I felt this overall look was very tailored looking and quite smart. It reminded me of a young gents attire in the 1930's, especially the trousers and vest combo. It's also nice to still be able to wear trousers and knitwear in the Summer without completely overheating and sweating bucket loads!
Vest- Primark         Trousers- Forever 21       Sandals- Primark

Bon Voyage

For the past week I managed to book a laaavely holiday to the island of Malta with my best friend. I've never ventured abroad without my Mum before so for me this was a big adventure and a showcase for my independence. Airports aren't as scary for two 22 year old's as they seem.. who'd of thought eh? We stayed in the resort Mellieha Bay Hotel, which sits right on the edge of a beautiful beach with the clearest water I've ever seen. Honestly, it was like bath water! Warm and everything.. just with added rocks, coral and tiny little fishes. As we were halfboard guests we had to be careful with how many drinks and delights we were allowing ourselves daily until we were adopted by most of the all inclusive's who snuck us cocktails, sandwiches and bottles of water. Overall.. rather successful! I thought I'd post a few of my holiday snaps of perfect little get away, which has left me feeling relaxed, chilled and very bronzed (YES!)