My First Urban Outfitters Piece

I've always lusted over Urban Outfitters beautiful garments but never taken the plunge to purchase anything until a spontaneous trip down to Brighton where I actually purchased my first ever item!
The crisp paper bag, glorious smell of new clothing and a simple, super soft white t-shirt came home with me that day thanks to UO!
Although it's not the most daring piece or anything too exciting, I thought you couldn't go wrong with a white tee and seeing as I've been wearing it a hell of a lot I believe I stand right.
It's also a burn out style, which makes it a little bit different I guess, but it's still just a t-shirt.
I wore a Topshop navy and white striped crop top underneath to add a little colour as well as a bit of Summer layering.
On bottom I have my Topshop black Joni jeans and Primark black pool sliders that were a mere £4 and are yet to give me foot hell or any blisters.. RESULT!

Tee- Urban Outfitters       Jeans- Topshop (Joni)        Crop- Topshop         Sliders- Primark


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