Khaki Wrap Around Shirt

One of the most exciting parts of Summer has hit the high street's.. yup, SALES. Although I'm waiting extremely impatiently for payday, I did end up taking a cheeky virtual tour through Topshop's online sale. Crud.
.. And this was one of the items that fell (by accident of course) into my little basket icon.
I wasn't too sure whether I would be keeping this khaki wrap shirt as it wasn't me at all and I wasn't convinced I would be able to pull it off.
But with a little self convincing and a nod from my house mate I decided to keep it and wear it to work wearing my wet look leggings from ASOS.
I'm going to play around with different styling idea's to get the most out of this shirt as I reckon it can get some serious use.
On my feet are my white pointed flats from Newlook along side some horrendous cigarette butts, which I do apologize for not removing whilst taking these photo's.

Shirt- Topshop        Leggings- ASOS         Shoes- Newlook


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