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Black Utility Trousers

If you've read my previous post on this old blog then you'll know that I've already raided the online sale for Topshop and spent a few pennies (more like pounds) on items I really don't need but still cant resist to click and buy! These utility trousers were another result from that shopping spree.. My house mate has this exact pair and I was always envious of how casual and grungy they looked that when they popped up on the sale page I felt like it was fate. Annoyingly the distressed rips in the knee's are a little fragile as we both discovered once you've bent down in these bad boys you end up with the nobbly knee caps poking through and causing the rips to become very big and aggressive. But I quite like the really destroyed look? I'm not too keen on the perfect symmetrical tears that are created. I paired these trousers up with my long sleeved Jersey top from Topshop and then threw over a sleeveless Primark denim shirt, which I later removed once the sun ma…

Khaki Wrap Around Shirt

One of the most exciting parts of Summer has hit the high street's.. yup, SALES. Although I'm waiting extremely impatiently for payday, I did end up taking a cheeky virtual tour through Topshop's online sale. Crud. .. And this was one of the items that fell (by accident of course) into my little basket icon. I wasn't too sure whether I would be keeping this khaki wrap shirt as it wasn't me at all and I wasn't convinced I would be able to pull it off. But with a little self convincing and a nod from my house mate I decided to keep it and wear it to work wearing my wet look leggings from ASOS. I'm going to play around with different styling idea's to get the most out of this shirt as I reckon it can get some serious use. On my feet are my white pointed flats from Newlook along side some horrendous cigarette butts, which I do apologize for not removing whilst taking these photo's.

Shirt- Topshop        Leggings- ASOS         Shoes- Newlook

OTT Trousers

Gorgeous weather this week for us folk in England, how's it your way?! Today's outfit of the day started with my multi coloured cigarette trousers from Topshop's sale a few months back. I wanted to parade around in a bit of colour and I thought what better way to do so than to wear the most eye catching item I own! My top is from Primark and is a thin knitted piece that has a scoop neckline and gaping arm holes, which means that wearing knitwear in the Summer without over heating can be done! I bought mine in three sizes up as they came up extremely small and this isn't a top that I'd want to stick to me as I prefer the baggy, oversized look. I thought I'd stick with a cream colour top to really draw out the colours to my trousers and create a real Summery outfit. Finally, on my feet I wore my flat black shoes from Newlook, which are very simple and smart looking.

Trousers- Topshop           Top- Primark             Shoes- Newlook

Knits & Shorts

I took the plunge at purchased this gorgeous netted panel jumper from Topshop, which probably means I wont be able to afford lunch until payday now.. oops. But I thought this piece would be such a staple for this Summer as it's craftily made to ensure your body is able to breath during the warmer days and the colour will hopefully reflect the sun. I paired up a pair of last years Topshop shorts that I found burrowed in my wardrobe, which meant my legs.. yes, were out. Wasn't too keen on the idea at first but after a while I thought why the heck not?! Unfortunately I was carried away at the thought of showing more flesh that I forgot to take a photo of my shoes, which were my River Island grey skater shoes that I'm sure you are more than familiar with.

Jumper- Topshop              Shorts- Topshop            Shoes- River Island

My First Urban Outfitters Piece

I've always lusted over Urban Outfitters beautiful garments but never taken the plunge to purchase anything until a spontaneous trip down to Brighton where I actually purchased my first ever item! The crisp paper bag, glorious smell of new clothing and a simple, super soft white t-shirt came home with me that day thanks to UO! Although it's not the most daring piece or anything too exciting, I thought you couldn't go wrong with a white tee and seeing as I've been wearing it a hell of a lot I believe I stand right. It's also a burn out style, which makes it a little bit different I guess, but it's still just a t-shirt. I wore a Topshop navy and white striped crop top underneath to add a little colour as well as a bit of Summer layering. On bottom I have my Topshop black Joni jeans and Primark black pool sliders that were a mere £4 and are yet to give me foot hell or any blisters.. RESULT!

Tee- Urban Outfitters       Jeans- Topshop (Joni)        Crop- Topshop         S…

Smart Casual

No surprise, I opted for comfort over anything else in this outfit of the day post! I managed to dig out my black formal joggers from Topshop, which if you've followed my blog from this time last year (yay!) you'll recognize these as the trousers I spent most of my Summer living in. One of the best purchases I've ever made for my wardrobe seeing as they're super comfy as well as sophisticated and versatile. Some of my favourite words right there! I paired up a grey and white long sleeved top from ASOS that was thin enough to keep my cool when the sun decided to make an appearance. On top of that I've layered up with my house mates grey sleeveless jacket, waist coat if you like. Another Topshop item, which is handy to throw on top of that outfit to give it that finished smart casual appeal. Not that I don't like my formal look, but I do find myself having a softer spot for the effortless casual finish, which is why I chose to wear my Newlook chunky trainers.

Jacket- To…

It's June?!

We've hit June! How the heck did that happen? For today's post I wore a navy and white striped long sleeve tunic from Forever 21, which is a super soft cotton that is so comfortable to just throw on, especially with the warmer weather that is finally approaching us!.. YAY! I then threw over my denim fleece lined jacket from Topshop to add a tom-boyish edge to my outfit to compromise for the fact my legs were on show.. yes, my legs were out. I didn't think they'd be out so early in the year if I'm completely honest. I'm never confident when ever my legs are out as I have a fair bit of eczema that never seems to vanish. Therefore, only occasionally do I whack them out! On my feet are my white chunky trainers from Newlook and that's all for now for my outfit of the day!

Jacket- Topshop        Tunic- Forever 21          Trainers- Newlook