Abstract Pattern Trousers

I've had a few days off from my blog, which is resulting in May becoming an awful blogging month for Louulia. I managed to take a blow to the head on Saturday night, which then resulted in mild concussion for the following few days. Monday evening I finally took myself off to A&E after a call to the NHS helpline.. Ooops.
Anyhow, I thought I'd blog this morning to try and catch up on my outfit of the days!
For today's post I wore my new Topshop abstract pattern trousers, which were £20 in the sale. I couldn't resist obviously!
As they're high waisted it meant that I could wear a cropped black t-shirt from Newlook that looked rather flattering if I do say so myself after the trousers pulled me in right at the waist.
I would never usually wear cropped clothes unless my belly was in fact covered up, so I always try and hunt out high waisted garments that will do the trick.
I then wore my Newlook white pointed shoes in a daring white colour, daring as in they're going to become filthy thanks to the outdoor elements.
Still, I'm in love and nothing can draw me away from a spanking new pair of shoes!

Trousers- Topshop         T-shirt- Newlook       Shoes- Newlook


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