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Metallic Sandals

Today's post consists of my Newlook metallic sandals, which were bought a couple of years back yet I'm still pairing them up with outfits to this very day. I've spotted very similar designs of these sandals in highstreet shops each year and ye they're still as popular as ever! Metallic shoes are so bold and versatile that they compliment any outfit, whether that's for a causal day of running errands or a few drinks in the evening. The only trouble is remembering to re- paint my chipped toenails as they poke out of the tiny gaps. I wore my pair with my wet look leggings and an oversized bleached denim shirt, both ASOS. Overall, my usual simplistic everyday look! Please do excuse the miserable/serious look that appears on my face in these two photos. Not quite sure what happened there.. I would like to blame the sun shinning in my eyes but I think from the photo evidence there was a lack of sunshine..
Shirt- ASOS         Leggings- ASOS           Shoes- Newlook

DIY Cut Off's

Well, May has been a little bit of a failed month for blogging. We've nearly hit the end of the month and I've written a measly amount of posts.. Crap. For this outfit of the day post I wore my roll neck jumper from Topshop as well as an old pair of light blue Joni jeans, again Topshop. However, I hacked away at the bottoms of these jeans to create an unfinished look, which is starting to make a come back into the highstreet! I wasn't so sure that I would keep these jeans after the attack but I've grown to really love them. Although they remind me a little of pirate style trousers? I then wore my pointed white flat shoes from Newlook and that pretty much sums up today's look. This has been one of my favourite casual looks so far on my blog just because of the simplicity. It's a very clean cut look and I think that the colour's work well with the contrasting blues.

Jumper- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop         Shoes- Newlook

Slight Sophistication

With today's post a felt a glimmer of sophistication arising! I'm sure if you've followed my blog for a little while now you'll have noticed I own a faux fur sheepskin coat in black.  I've managed to now get my hands on the cream version thanks to my very lovely house mate! The coat is from Topshop and although it's no longer available in the shops, I can't help but have a rather huge soft spot for them.  I wore mine with ripped MOTO jeans, again Topshop and a roll neck top in black from Primark. Recently Primark have a amazing collection when it comes to roll necks. I've picked a couple up from my last visit, yet to blog about them but I've found myself wearing them a lot over the past couple of weeks. Finally, I thought i'd get the toes out.. eek. I also picked up a pair of Birkenstocks look alike's, again Primark that were surprisingly comfy. I know the procedure with new shoes and how they attack your feet like wild animals but not these babi…

I Have Nothing To Wear

This was a classic 'I have no idea what to wear today' inspired look. I was throwing everything out of my chest of draws in order to re-discover a hidden gem lurking within the depths of clothing. I settled with the above, my leopard print sweater from Topshop, which is pretty old now and a pair of black ripped Joni jeans, again Topshop. Although this wasn't the high fashion, latest trend look I still liked the laid back appeal. It was comfy and appropriate and therefore worked. You can never go wrong with black jeans, right?  I mean they're a statement piece on their own! Sometimes you just need a simple, comforting outfit for the day ahead and this was mine. I finished this look by wearing my white chunky trainers from Newlook, another effortless casual piece! Voilaaaaaa!

Sweater- Topshop            Jeans- Topshop (Joni)          Shoes- Newlook

Abstract Pattern Trousers

I've had a few days off from my blog, which is resulting in May becoming an awful blogging month for Louulia. I managed to take a blow to the head on Saturday night, which then resulted in mild concussion for the following few days. Monday evening I finally took myself off to A&E after a call to the NHS helpline.. Ooops. Anyhow, I thought I'd blog this morning to try and catch up on my outfit of the days! For today's post I wore my new Topshop abstract pattern trousers, which were £20 in the sale. I couldn't resist obviously! As they're high waisted it meant that I could wear a cropped black t-shirt from Newlook that looked rather flattering if I do say so myself after the trousers pulled me in right at the waist. I would never usually wear cropped clothes unless my belly was in fact covered up, so I always try and hunt out high waisted garments that will do the trick. I then wore my Newlook white pointed shoes in a daring white colour, daring as in they're goin…

Bug Eyed Sunnies

Although there is a glimmer of hope for some Summe weather across the UK.. it's still bloody chilly! However, it means I can cram in as much wear as possible in the form of big old snuggly jumpers. For today's post I wore my H&M ashy speckled grey jumper that kept me lovely and warm without the fear of overheating. I then paired up my Hayden jeans from a Topshop sale yonks ago that are a distressed, bleached blue to really add a slight Urban feel to any outfit. I keep this pair lurking in my wardrobe for whenever I have a jeans crisis and want to wear a pair that aren't too neat and tidy. I then wore the same old black capped flats from Newlook that I in fact wore in my last post on my blog. Recycle right?! On my lips is MAC's 'Speak Louder' to add a splash of colour and then my bug eyed Primark sunglasses, which have a gorgeous matte frame. I do love a good pair of sunnies!!

Jumper- H&M         Jeans- Topshop (Hayden's)         Shoes- Newlook       Lipstick

Forever 21 Striped Tunic

Hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday with whatever you may have gotten up to! I spent the day with my Mum, Step-Dad and of course the little Poopie who is growing into a right little douche. I can't walk around the house without finding my belongings sprawled around thanks to him constantly thieving from my bag. Anyhow, we walked around a National Trust property, visited the pub for some much needed beverages and I ate my body weight in red velvet cake. Mmmm.. For my outfit of the day post I wore my new navy and white striped tunic from Forever 21, which was one of my many purchases from my bulk buy order online I mentioned in my previous post. To be honest, I could wear this tunic as a dress as it is pretty long, but I thought I'd tuck it in slightly to pair it up with my ASOS petite wet look leggings. I then wore my Topshop military jacket and black flat Newlook shoes.

Tunic- Forever 21        Wet Look Leggings- ASOS        Shoes- Newlook      Jacket- Topshop