Tartan Leggings + White Shirts

Once again I've slipped into an almost complete Topshop outfit.. Ooops!
I managed to somehow dig out my old tartan leggings as I wanted a completely comfortable day where I didn't have skinny jeans tugging at my stomach or zips/buttons digging into places I never knew existed (sounds a little creepy) so therefore I opted for some leggings!
I haven't worn many patterned trousers/leggings recently just because I've been loving a lot of black, I mean a lot.
It's good to branch out once in a while though!
These are ancient Topshop leggings that I bought a ridiculously long time ago, yet bring out once in a  while.
I then wore my oversized white shirt that I've blogged about before but thought I'd whip it out again to compliment the slightly bold pattern of my leggings.
On my feet I wore my black closed toe flats from Newlook and that pretty much sums up today's outfit of the day..

Shirt- Topshop        Leggings- Topshop         Shoes- Newlook


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