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Stripes + Cigarette Trousers

Need to get back into the swing of blogging regularly! Its becoming a little lagged.. But I did manage to attempt the gym today, which is such a big deal for me. For someone who is very easily unmotivated to exercise and would choose a juicy fat burger over a bit of cardio any day, this was a massive achievement for me! For today's outfit of the day post I wore my elasticated high neck top with navy and white stripes from Topshop. This is the first top I've ever worn in public without a bra and yet felt extremely comfortable and safe. When I say safe, I mean that my breasts were secure and there was not an inch of slipping.. thank GOD. As this top is a little cropped I wore high waisted cigarette trousers from Forever 21 that are a lovely dark charcoal colour. I've been wanting a pair of trousers in a dark grey or navy for a little while and found these for under £20 over on their website, verrrry happy! I then threw over my washed out denim jacket from Topshop and my white chu…

Khaki Cami

For today's outfit of the day post I decided to drag out my Miss Guided monochrome checkered blazer that was the result of a mass splurge from their site a few months back. I love this blazer as it's super versatile with different outfits and occasions! I also brought out my new khaki camisole from Topshop that was still in its wrapper after ordering it online.. again, attack of the online shop! Just a random point; but this cami is incredible at drying stains in seconds! Seriously, I first of all sprayed perfume waaay too close to my chest, which created a damp patch and within seconds it had began dissolving. Some kind of witch craft I guess? I then wore my black wet look leggings from Boohoo and my white trainers from Newlook, which are becoming extremely filthy yet I can't bare to be parted from them for a good wash.

Blazer- Miss Guided       Camisole- Topshop       Leggings- Boohoo      Trainers- Newlook

Slit Side Tee

I recently made a big fat order over on Forever 21 where I picked up quite a few new editions for my wardrobe. One of those pieces included this Jersey t-shirt with two slits down either side for that sneaky bit of showing skin. I've been trying to hunt down a top like this for a little while now and have found a couple I quite liked but none I felt I could really pull off. Newlook have a very similar one that I ended up buying a few weeks back but returned within a few days as I felt it was a little too long in the length yet the slits were too high to be able to wear as a dress. I wore my black ripped Joni jeans from Topshop that are becoming pretty much an everyday wear. I then managed to find in one of the many boxes I have yet to unpack my sliders from Topshop last year that I practically lived in if anyone has read my blog from that far back! I've worn these over the weekend too, which is probably an early sign that they will be a big part of my Summer wardrobe this year! Fina…

Tartan Leggings + White Shirts

Once again I've slipped into an almost complete Topshop outfit.. Ooops! I managed to somehow dig out my old tartan leggings as I wanted a completely comfortable day where I didn't have skinny jeans tugging at my stomach or zips/buttons digging into places I never knew existed (sounds a little creepy) so therefore I opted for some leggings! I haven't worn many patterned trousers/leggings recently just because I've been loving a lot of black, I mean a lot. It's good to branch out once in a while though! These are ancient Topshop leggings that I bought a ridiculously long time ago, yet bring out once in a  while. I then wore my oversized white shirt that I've blogged about before but thought I'd whip it out again to compliment the slightly bold pattern of my leggings. On my feet I wore my black closed toe flats from Newlook and that pretty much sums up today's outfit of the day..

Shirt- Topshop        Leggings- Topshop         Shoes- Newlook

Off The Shoulder

My extremely lovely friend donated this off the shoulder top from Primark in exchange for a coffee I lovingly bought her into work. Pretty fair exchange if I do say so myself.. even though I may have had the slightly better outcome! I've been debating whether to buy myself this style of top for a while as I'm slightly busty and didn't think I could really pull off such a delicate design. But for a £2.50 coffee I thought I'd give it a go! With the help of a strapless bra I love everything about this top! The way it sits, the floaty'ness of the material and the way it enhances my shoulders to make them look smaller. I also believe this one was £5, which is a ridiculous bargain since other highstreet retailers are selling theirs for almost quadruple the price! I wore my MOM jeans from Topshop and my Newlook patent nude loafers that I've also fallen for.

Top- Primark        Jeans- Topshop (MOM)       Shoes- Newlook

Paisley Sleeveless Kimono

I wasn't quite sure if this outfit was a winner or a bit of a substitute teacher result? I think it's the whole kimono over a jumper look to be honest.. Anyhow, this was my outfit of the day! My cream Zara jumper that has been mentioned a few times previously on the old blog paired up with a paisley print kimono from Topshop. I love the fact this kimono is sleeveless as it means I can wear it throughout Spring and Summer whilst adding layers with sleeves for cooler days and t-shirts, tank tops for the warmer ones. A perfect wardrobe staple piece! I then wore my wet look leggings from Boohoo and finally some old black Chelsea boots from Newlook. On my lips was Topshop's 'The Damned' to add a little edge to the overall outfit.

Kimono- Topshop         Jumper- Zara           Leggings- Boohoo        Lipstick- Topshop (The Damned)

Mustard Stripes

Not quite what it says in the title but ya'know!  I wore my ASOS straight leg trousers in a rich mustard colour that I find are perfect for formal and casual dressing. I then paired up and old white and navy striped t-shirt from Topshop, which I found whilst having a panic of what to wear for work.  I'm glad I have an ever growing collection of striped garments as they clearly never fade from the fashion scene!  A strong, bold print that is ridiculously versatile. This was a pretty simple outfit, no change there Louise, but to add the complete effortless, casual finish I wore my white Newlook trainers that are of course comfy yet a statement piece.

T-shirt- Topshop            Trousers- ASOS           Shoes- Newlook

Military Jacket

I've been absent for a few days from my blog due to having my bestfriend stay with me before she moves over to Florida. So it's a little of an emotional roller-coaster as we try and squeeze in as much time together as we can before the move! Hence not being able to blog as often as I'd like. For this outfit of the day I dug out my old Topshop military jacket that has crept back into fashion over the past few months, perfect and ideal for Spring. I wore a lot of black to contrast with the khaki colour and to keep it very simple with the overall look. My ripped jeans are Topshop Joni's and I wore just a plain ribbed long sleeve top, again Topshop. A LOT of Topshop! I finished off with my grey skater shoes from River Island that are super comfy and easily add a little big of edge to an outfit with the statement gold chain. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend[:

Military Jacket- Topshop            Jeans- Topshop (Joni)        Shoes- River Island