Growing Out A Full Fringe

Something a little different for today's blog post! Some may find this an interesting one and others not so much (sorry!!) but I really wanted to write up my experience with growing out a full fringe.
A few months ago I got hold of the kitchen scissors and decided to hack away a chunk of my hair to form a full fringe.
Yes, I loved the look and I had no regrets in chopping it in, however I feel personally full fringes are quite seasonal and therefore as we approach the warmer months I wanted to let it grow out.
This is not an easy task!
It sounds weird I know, but growing out a fringe is long and takes a lot of patience as the blunt cut begins to full into your eyes and it really doesn't like being pushed around to blend into the rest of your hair.
Personally, I opted for a side fringe with the growing out process. I originally decided on a middle parting with almost a curtain effect but then realized only one side of my hair wanted to co-operate.
This was the easiest option that worked with my hair and parting. I'm also really liking the 2008 throw back of a sweeping side fringe!
Eventually I'll probably settle back with a middle parting once my fringe is at a length that works with my hairs curls and doesn't look blunt and awkward.
Although you may find styles on Pinterest and Google that take your fancy, sometimes it's best to work with how your hair naturally falls rather than forcing it to do something it just wishes to rebel against.


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