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Double Denim

This blog post is dedicated to one of the most controversial fashion statements alive.. double denim! Some love it and some despise the thought of it, however I think I may be a converted person. I was never sure on the whole idea and thought it was a little too daring for me, but seeing as many blogs and social media sites such as Pinterest are becoming swamped with denim sinners I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Most of these girls happen to be beautifully tall and slim that I wasn't sure if my 5"6 frame could pull off such a look. But then again, size does not matter at all! If I want to mix up my denim then I sure will. I wore my oversized bleached denim shirt from ASOS with my ripped, distressed Jamie jeans from Topshop, a slightly darker shade to add a little contrast. I then wore my new nude patent loafers from Newlook and scrunched my hair up into a messy tight knot to pull off a really effortless and laid back appearance,

Shirt- ASOS         Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)�…

Dungaree's Day

This was such a throw back outfit for me, the classic denim dungaree's layered up with a long sleeve top. Hello nursery school! My dungaree's are quite an old purchase from Boohoo but I'm finding I can wear them time and time again each year and even Season. Obviously I get whack the pin's out in the Summer but for now with the slight chill still hovering here in England I've got my handy tights at the ready! My long sleeve top is a ribbed dark grey basic piece from Topshop that I find so handy when I want to wear dresses or playsuit's as it works perfectly for layering. I wore my black Chelsea boots from Newlook and then on my lips was a mixture of 'The Damned' and 'Hazard' both Topshop. 

Dungaree's- Boohoo         Top- Topshop          Lipstick- Topshop (The Damned + Hazard)

Pattern + Layering

Just about had a complete melt down after writing up this post and then my internet deciding to crash and not save what I've just finished typing up.. ergggh. First things first, I decided to play around with my tri-pod and camera to see what different styles of photography I can create when capturing my outfits and other bits I may add to my blog. Not completely sure if I'm a fan of the portrait style but I'm sure I'll find something a little different to mix up my photo's a little. For this outfit I decided to layer up two tops from Topshop, one a olive, black and white patterned long sleeve top with a high neck and the other a black sleeveless number. I've layered these two pieces up together before and decided to re-work it again for my blog as I loved the overall look so much. I wore even more black with disco pants from Boohoo and my current new favourite footwear from Newlook in the form of these chunky white trainers, ridiculously comfy and versatile. On my l…

Striped Shirt

I've had a variety of comments about my newest addition to my every growing shirt collection, my Topshop purchase with blue and white stripes! Mostly positive comments but then the occasional 'is that a pyjama top?'.. No it is not. Never the less, I love it and wore it with pride! It's a lovely box shape cut and I decided to go a couple of sizes up than my usual to create an even more exaggerated oversized appearance. I wore my black disco pants, Boohoo to keep it very effortless with a thrown on kind of shirt look. Very, very simple. Then, my black closed toe flats from Newlook and on my lips is Collection 2000 'Queen of Hearts' in the lasting colour collection. I'm not sure if this post makes much sense to be honest, I'm pretty tired and practically threw myself into the shower and out to get into bed as early as possible.. Hasn't quite gone to plan as I'm still awake. I also wore a beanie? I haven't found myself with one of those in a longggg old …

Whip Out The Sunnies

You may be thinking that it's still a little early in the season to whack out the sunglasses.. but you know what, it's rare we get these beautiful sunny days so f**k it.. BRING 'EM OUT! I wore my Zara cream knit jumper, insuring I wasn't fooled and caught out by thinking it's warmer that it really was. I then paired up my duck egg blue formal joggers from Miss Guided that were super slouchy and comfortable whilst still oozing an elegant chic appeal. My patent brogues from Select Fashion and £1 Primark Aviators were my finishing touches for this outfit of the day. I wore a gorgeous plum pink lipstick, which was a cheap old one from an old ancient make up set I must of received a few Christmas' ago!

Jumper- Zara        Formal Joggers- Miss Guided      Brogues- Select Fashion

Growing Out A Full Fringe

Something a little different for today's blog post! Some may find this an interesting one and others not so much (sorry!!) but I really wanted to write up my experience with growing out a full fringe. A few months ago I got hold of the kitchen scissors and decided to hack away a chunk of my hair to form a full fringe. Yes, I loved the look and I had no regrets in chopping it in, however I feel personally full fringes are quite seasonal and therefore as we approach the warmer months I wanted to let it grow out. This is not an easy task! It sounds weird I know, but growing out a fringe is long and takes a lot of patience as the blunt cut begins to full into your eyes and it really doesn't like being pushed around to blend into the rest of your hair. Personally, I opted for a side fringe with the growing out process. I originally decided on a middle parting with almost a curtain effect but then realized only one side of my hair wanted to co-operate. This was the easiest option that wor…

Paisley Prints

I felt that as I hadn't worn my paisley shift dress in a little while it was only fair to do it justice and throw it back on to get some fresh air. The dress is a Topshop piece and isn't usually my cup of tea, but something about this one made me a hardcore fan. Perhaps it's the monochrome colour scheme running through the swirly pattern or the flattering cut? Who knows! I paired up my oversized ASOS denim shirt that usually gets thrown on with the days I have a wardrobe tantrum and can't find anything to wear. I thought this gave the outfit a very effortless and boyish finish. Of course I wore tights.. I may be Spring but that doesn't mean I'd dare to get the pins out!

Dress- Topshop                Shirt- ASOS             Boots- Newlook

Khaki Shirt + Ripped Jeans

For today's post I opted for a very casual and laid back approach when rummaging through my wardrobe. I picked out my khaki shirt with a white window paneled effect from Topshop followed by my black ripped Joni jeans, again Topshop. At the moment I love a good boyfriend fit shirt with skinny jeans, it's the ultimate combo! Ridiculously easy to re-create with any outfit and can be dressed up for a formal theme with a pair of stiletto's and a bold lipstick. As I was headed for work however, it meant that I'd be sticking with my brand new (hence the luminous white!) NewLook trainers, which resemble the Adidas originals I keep drooling over. These alternatives will have to do until I have saved the pennies!

Shirt- Topshop         Jeans- Topshop (Joni)          Trainers- NewLook


I think that quite a few of us girls have an extremely large guilty pleasure when it comes to dressing all fancy and slipping into our finest heels.
Therefore for the Cheltenham Festival 2015 I have been asked to put together an outfit I would wear for the races, something I've never experienced yet have always been fond of getting involved with. This is the outfit I pulled together! The tip is using as much colour as you can to cram into your outfit choice as it obviously has to sit with the hastag ColourMeMarch. Although I'm pretty colourful with my wardrobe I didn't want to go too overboard and look like the Homebase paint isle had thrown up on me. I opted for my mustard coloured cigarette trousers from ASOS, combined with a cream camisole from Topshop and my burgundy duster jacket from Miss Guided. I chose to add a little more colour in the form of lipstick, which was Collection 2000's Sweet Tart.

Mustard + Dogtooth

Dogtooth cigarette trousers were my essential piece for today's outfit of the day post! Mine were bought from Topshop a little while back but are still worn with the same love and happiness from the day I purchased these beauties. I then added my mustard coloured box fit jumper from H&M, again a little ancient but still a hidden gem in my wardrobe (or cardboard box, which holds my prized knitwear for now!). Lastly I wore my black patent brogues from Select Fashion that have popped up quite a few times recently on my blog. I just can't get enough black shoes, period. They are just super addictive and wearable with anything! Why would I stop buying such classics?! Excuse the stupid face in my last photo.. I wanted to emphasize my top knot. Yeah.. dunoooo.

Jumper- H&M        Trousers- Topshop       Shoes- Select Fashion

Back.. Again

I took a couple of days off away from my blog due to work and personal reasons that didn't make me feel too happy or confident about blogging. But I'm back and feeling much better about myself and what I'm writing. My outfit of the day post includes these formal duck egg blue joggers from Miss Guided that are super comfy yet super elegant. I wore them with a black sweater tucked in to add a more laid back approach to my outfit as well as black patent brogues that I stupidly didn't photograph. On my lips is MAC's 'All About Town' and my classic loose curled hair!

Jumper- Forever 21             Joggers- Miss Guided