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Oversized White Shirt

For today's outfit of the day post I wore my oversized white shirt from Topshop that has become one of my favourite items in my wardrobe ever!  It's one of those garments that can be worn for all occasions, whether that's dressed casually with a pair of jeans or leggings or more of a formal appeal with disco pants. I wore mine paired up with my dark blue MOM jeans, also Topshop as well as my black heeled Chelsea boots, NewLook. I felt this gave the overall outfit a very casual appeal as the denim toned down the formal look, which began to sneak through by wearing such a crisp, smart shirt. I didn't wear any accessories apart from my usual stack of rings and bracelets as I felt the outfit was very basic and didn't need to be cluttered.

Shirt- Topshop       Jeans- Topshop (MOM)       Boots- NewLook   

Black Skort

This was quite a girly looking outfit for me seeing as I don't tend to swing for the skirts, skorts and dresses side. I like my jeans and wet look leggings waaaayyyy too much! I decided to dare for something a little different and wore my new Boohoo black Jersey skort, which is a very basic piece that can be worn for all kinds of occasions, everyday, formal, workwear and so on! I paired mine up with my oversized knitted grey jumper from NewLook, which I've mentioned previously on my blog. Sticking with a very neutral colour scheme I then opted for black tights and black Chelsea boots, again NewLook. Lastly, I accessorized with my Black Tied lotus flower design bangle, which I treated myself to after they recently hit 10k followers over on their Instagram and celebrated giving their hand made cuffs a nice little discount. I've also been living in my new little sterling silver rings from Camden Market that are becoming the foundations for my new ring stacking obsession.

Jumper- Ne…

Black + Checkered

Once again let me start this post with another comment about the weather, classic Brit!  Anyone else thought Spring is definitely on it's way?! Although it's not exactly bikini weather it's certainly become a lot warmer compared the the last couple of weeks. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at the thought of not having to wrap up in a ridiculous amount of layers on a day to day basis just to battle the cold! My outfit of the day was a very black colour scheme with hints of white and grey thrown in. I wore my black chiffon wrap blouse from Topshop as well as my Joni jeans in a black wash, again Topshop. To throw over I chose my checkered pattern jacket from Miss Guided and then wore my River Island skater shoes, which were sale bargains. All together a very smart casual look with a slight grunge appeal to it.

Blouse- Topshop          Jeans- Topshop (Joni)         Shoes- River Island          Jacket- Miss Guided

Camden Market

Camden Market <3 What a beautiful place! My first ever trip to such a unique part of London, which is just insane as I like an hour or so away from the city?! My friend Kimmy decided that I needed to experience the Camden world and explore the endless stalls that are dripping with crafts and vintage gems. I made a few small naughty purchases seeing as I'm supposed to be extremely careful with my last £30 until payday.. These included a pair of sterling silver and turquoise stone rings that I'm adding to my stacked display on my right hand, as well as a comedy and tragedy stud for the fact of my acting streak. Here are a few snaps I took of our little trip!

Body Jewellery Shop

I'm a big fan of most kinds of piercings (not so much the extreme end) but the more unusual and interesting the better. Basically, if I see an original piercing on Pinterest or Tumblr then I immediately have to fight urge to run in the direction of my nearest studio! 
Ear piercings are something I constantly want more of. I already have a tragus piercing, cartilage and lobes but am always on the look out for something new. Another way of keeping my piercing cravings at bay is to find unique jewellery for my already pierced ears that create simple and beautiful results. Therefore I am sharing my wishlist from the online retailers Body Jewellery Shop where they stock a mass variety of body jewellery from the dainty silver cuffs to bold plastic stretchers.

Titanium Continuous Piercing Ring Spiral Silver Nose Stud Silver Ear Cuff Zircon Steel Clip On Ear Cuff

ASOS Stripes

Another new striped item has been added to my wardrobe without any second thought as to how many striped clothes I own.  But stripes are a pattern that never and I repeat never, will disappear from the clothes rails or online boutiques.  Me personally, I love a good nautical theme! Stripes are a pattern that gives an outfit a little something extra and can be paired with practically anything, they're not too crazy or bold that would make you cringe or fear to be too daring with.  My grey and white sweater is from the ASOS sale, not too sure on the price but it wasn't more than a tenner! I then wore my classic Topshop Joni jeans in the black wash and my black ankle strap flats from NewLook, again a sale piece at £6! Final touches; a chunky gold necklace from and 'Called Up' lipstick, both Topshop.

Sweater- ASOS        Jeans- Topshop (Joni)        Shoes- NewLook

High Neck Layering

A little different from my usual post, but I just wanted to write up about my recent layering addiction. If you've seen a few of my earlier posts on my blog you'll of noticed my tried and tested versions of layering up with different styles, patterns and materials. I like to layer a LOT. This post is dedicated to my most recent attempt of pairing up camisoles and high neck tops. I aimed for similar colours with my choice of garments as I didn't want to push the boat out too far with a bold colour, I also think that grey and black compliment each other so well. The result reminded me of another 90's throwback? It was such a big craze to layer up t-shirts and camisoles etc and we're slowly starting to relive those hypes, which I can't say I'm too unhappy about? Camisole- Miss Selfridge             High Neck- Topshop

First Video Of 2015

Finally, I pulled my act together and after 5 months I filmed a new video over on my YouTube channel! Not a video style I had in mined but still something light hearted and fun to film anyhow. Hopefully you'll enjoy watching it if you have a spare 10 minutes or so! Thankyou(:

Cape Scarves

Firstly, let me just express my love and obsession for this oversized cape scarf from Zara that is the most essential Winter accessory I've ever laid eyes on. The colour's are simply perfect together as well as being one of my most favourite colour palettes around; grey, white and lime. I wore my gorgeous accessory with my oversized white shirt from Topshop that was a basic piece to compliment my grey and white patterned leggings, also Topshop. I then wore my Balenciaga style black boots, from Boohoo, that have been dusted down from the shoe cupboard after being locked away for a ridiculously long time. I forgot how much I loved these boots?! But.. they're BACK. Lastly, I threw over my faux leather jacket, Forever 21, that added an overall grunge appeal to my outfit. Especially with the heavy buckles and clumpy design to my boots. Scarf- Zara       Jacket- Forever 21     Leggings- Topshop       Shirt- Topshop      Boots- Boohoo