Yellow Cigarette Trousers

I've recently fallen for the bold palette when choosing new items for my wardrobe, which certainly brightens up all the greys and black I usually opt for.
These mustard coloured cigarette trousers are from ASOS and were something ridiculous like under a tenner for such high quality, gorgeous looking trousers.
I was also drawn to the fine detailing such as the rolled up cuffs, dominant pressed creases in the middle of each leg and the high waist fit, everything that makes a pair of trousers that little bit quirky and smart.
I wore my Topshop black ribbed sweater, very basic and simple to compliment the yellow, with my denim jacket thrown over.
On my feet are my patent black loafers from Select, another classic favourite that appears on my blog every week.
Trousers- ASOS         Top- Topshop         Jacket- Topshop        Shoes- Select


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