New Year.. New Clothes?!

I'm a little behind on my blog posts as I still have my Christmas post to write up, however I feel that may be a little inappropriate now that we are into January. 
I'm never too enthusiastic about the start of a New Year to be completely honest. I hate the thought of starting the year again and having to drag ourselves through January, which is the most depressing time as we're broke, packing up the Christmas goodies and back to work. 
Although that is a very depressing opinion it does come with some optimism, we have a fresh brand new year to tackle with whatever we want to do. 
Maybe that's a life long dream you've been dying to conquer or perhaps an exploring bug that needs to be feed by traveling the world!
Anyway.. My outfit of the day post! I decided this would be a perfect day to wear the shortest t-shirt dress I could find from Primark.
It was a fantastic idea until I had to stand in the windows at work to hang some graphics.. Oh gawd.
I then wore my checkered blazer from Miss Guided that added a touch of sophistication to my outfit. 
My beanie is Topshop and my boots are NewLook for the final touches.

Dress- Primark              Blazer- Miss Guided              Boots- NewLook            Beanie- Topshop


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