Duster Jacket + Dog Tooth

I've been layering up with my duster jacket from Miss Guided recently in a gorgeous burgundy colour, which is perfect to throw over any thick knit jumper.
I'm emphasizing the word thick seeing as it's just began showing hints of snow down South and therefore wrapping up is essential.
I matched my jacket up with my wet look leggings from ASOS for slightly edgy appeal and my newest shoe for my ever growing collection.
These skater shoes are from River Island and are a speckled grey and white with a chunky gold chain strapped across, nice and easy to slip on and wear throughout a busy day, plus they're one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever purchased that haven't murdered my feet within the first few wears.
I've never bought River Island shoes before so these are my experiments to see if I should snap up a couple of new pairs for my collection.
I then wore my chunky knitted jumper from Topshop, which is pretty anchient, possibly three years old?..
Lastly, my NewLook dog tooth patterned scarf for an essential accessory. I've been really attracted to scarves recently and have been finding myself throwing them over most of my outfits for extra warmth.

Duster Jacket- Miss Guided          Leggings- ASOS         Shoes- River Island          Scarf- NewLook




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